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Security Differences Between Pin pad and Key Fob Entry

We agree that protecting our property from any external threats is extremely important. There are many tools and devices you can use for that purpose. However, the first and most important thing to consider is the type of lock you choose for your doors. Front and back doors are the main entry points for criminals.

Today, more and more people choose keyless locks over classical mechanical key locks. There are different types of keyless entry systems – key fobs, pin pads, key cards, biometrics, etc. All of them provide your building with a high level of security. They allow you to limit access to your property and avoid unwanted visitors. Another advantage of these locks is that they can’t be picked.

So, the main question is, which keyless system is the most secure? Sure Lock & Key has years of experience in the security industry and we’ll tell you everything we know about keyless security systems.

Are fobs more secure than keys

This comparison between traditional locks and new digital locks will probably never end. There are, generally speaking, three types of people – the ones who always try to keep up with all the technological innovations, the ones who don’t trust them and those that really don't care or give much thought to it. When it comes to choosing locks, there’s constant competition between keys and fobs. So, which option is more secure? Depends on who you are as a person and your needs.
Key fob door entry systems are mainly used for commercial buildings, as they are really convenient and easy to operate. When you’re using a keyless entry system, it’s much easier to control who’s entering the building. You can provide access to different areas by using the same fob and restrict access to some areas for certain people if you want to. All of that significantly improves the security of your property.
If you’re using keys, there’s no way to track who enters the building and there’s always a risk that someone might try to pick the lock to get in. So, we can say that key fobs are more secure than regular keys.
home keypad
However, there’s one common problem with both these options. If you lose them or someone steals them, the criminal might make a copy of your key or key fob and use it to access the building. So, to protect your business from theft, you might apply additional security measures.
home keypad

What type of security is a key fob

First, let’s discuss more thoroughly what a key fob is and how exactly it works. Door access key fobs are little programmed devices that unlock the doors by transmitting a signal to the receiver that is installed on the door. However, if the information is not correct, it will deny access. Key fobs are really easy to use, you just place them close to the receiver and walla, your door is open.
Key fobs can be programmed to give access to multiple areas, which is super convenient.
You can track every person that enters the building. So, you can always see when your employees come and go.
They allow you to provide multilevel security. You can program some of the key fobs to give full access to all the rooms in the building and others to provide access only to certain areas.
Some of the key fobs are equipped with a panic button. In case of an emergency, you can send the signal to the security company you’re working with.
door access key fob
Another advantage of key fobs is that you can easily program the new ones and connect them to your door and easily delete the old ones if an employee leaves your company.
door access key fob

What is the difference between a key card and a key fob

Mostly for commercial buildings, people choose between two keyless systems – key cards and key fobs. What is the difference between those two systems?
As you can understand from the names, for one system, you need a card to gain access and for the other, you need a fob.
As we’ve already mentioned, key fobs are compact devices programmed to transmit the signal to the keyless entry system when you’re in close proximity to the door. Key fobs may be reprogrammed if necessary to give more access or, on the contrary, restrict it.
Card key locks are even more common than fob ones. There are two types of cards you can use. The first one is a swipe card. Basically, it’s a magnetic card that you swipe through the card reader to open the door. The only disadvantage is that it can easily be copied. The second type is smart cards. The door opens when the card is close enough to the sensor, usually a few inches.
key card for smart lock
Both these keyless entry systems are pretty similar and work by the same principle. The main difference is that, unlike fobs, cards can be customized. You may print a name, photo, position and any other information on the card. So, even if someone loses the card, you can easily find who it belongs to.
key card for smart lock

Is keyless entry safe for home

Some people still are a bit suspicious of keyless locks. They consider traditional mechanical locks to be more reliable. So, is keyless entry a secure option or not? Let’s figure it out.
  • First, when you’re using keyless entry, you can forget about carrying a massive bundle of keys everywhere you go. No more risks of losing your key or someone stealing it.
  • For home usage, most people choose systems with pin pads. They’re super easy to use. You just need to enter the combination to unlock the door.
  • These locks are impossible to pick as they don’t have a keyhole. So, it eliminates one more security risk.
  • Another advantage of a keyless entry system is that you can control who can access your house. You can add people to the system or delete them.
  • Most of these systems can be connected to your phone through a special application. So, you can monitor who enters your house, as you’ll receive a notification every time someone tries to open the door.
So, we can say that keyless entry systems provide a higher level of security, and they are not inferior to traditional locks.
However, there’s one problem you may face when using these locks. If you’re not really good with numbers, there’s always a chance of forgetting a code. So, you might need emergency locksmith services to resolve this issue.

Summing up

Keyless entry systems are one of the best technological advances in the security field. They’re super convenient and easy to use. These entry systems are perfect for commercial buildings, as they allow one to monitor who enters the building and control access to certain areas. Combined with other security measures, it makes your office a safe place.
Keyless entry is used not only for business purposes but for home security as well. With a keypad lock, you don’t have to worry about the keys and you can easily avoid any unwanted visitors.
So, keyless locks are an amazing and safe alternative to traditional locks. If you’re thinking about installing them, Sure Lock & Key is ready to assist you. Just give us a call!

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