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Questions to ask a locksmith before hiring

The thing you want to deal with the least when inconvenience happens is having long conversations with a locksmith dispatcher on the emergency line. However, choosing a reliable locksmith is extremely important, and neglecting it may lead to negative outcomes. Locksmiths usually deal with your locks or security devices, so they work inside your home or near your property. That's why it's essential to choose person or company you can trust fully. The article below contains questions to ask a locksmith before hiring them. Sure Lock & Key has worked in this sphere for over 35 years, and we want to share our professional approach with you. It may help you choose an expert you can rely on in any situation. We assume you won't have the time to ask them all of these questions in case of an emergency. Nevertheless, these questions may be helpful while looking for a locksmith for a regular lock change or repair.

Are They Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

First of all, the best way to ensure your technician is not a scammer, but actually a master of their craft is to check whether they're licensed. It's not obligated in most states, but it is recommended to cooperate only with a licensed locksmith. We suggest always asking a prospective technician you plan to work with for a document that proves they went through proper training and have the skills required to provide you with qualitative services. If they don't have it, you have all the grounds not to hire them.
Insurance also plays an important role in the locksmith's work, as in case something goes wrong, an insured locksmith would be able to cover the repair expenses. Although it's not required for each business owner in every state, a locksmith's insurance policy lets a company save a customer, covering any damage made by their technicians.

What Kind of Experience Do They Have

Modern entry systems and programmed car keys require an experienced locksmith. Magnetic door locks, automatic door closures, high-security and keyless entry systems, mortise door locks, and key fobs are only a few of the variety the security industry offers today. That's why the expertise of a locksmith plays a major role in the successful installation and maintenance process. The reason is simple: today, a locksmith can help not only when you get locked out of the house. Now they're experts who can provide the total spectrum of hi-tech locksmith and security services.
Among that, it's important to know whether locksmiths can work with different types of properties and provide not only residential services but also commercial, automotive, and, especially, emergency ones.
locksmith with new key and lock
locksmith with new key and lock

Do They Offer Guarantees

There are different types of warranties a locksmith or their company provides. Usually, the locksmith warranty covers parts and products the technicians sell and use, but some provide warranties on their work. Whatever the type of guarantee, its existence is important as it assures you of the quality of services the company or locksmith offers. The warranty also ensures you won't have to overpay if something goes wrong during the process. That way, a locksmith or company could compensate you for their mistake.
Before you start working with them, talk to your potential locksmith about whether they offer warranties and what is the warranty period.
locksmith makes new key
locksmith makes new key

Do They Conduct Background Checks on Employees

Any professional locksmith company should authenticate their potential employees before hiring them as they enter customers' houses. So, it's important a person is also properly screened and proven to be trustworthy. Serious businesses carry out background checks and drug screening on their future technicians. Feel free to ask a locksmith company you plan to work with about it. Remember to pay attention to the van or truck a technician uses to get to your home. Generally, it should bear the company's logo. Avoid working with no-name companies that have no reviews. The information on the locksmith's ID should also match the name you've been given before by the dispatcher.

Summing up

Emergency cases make us look for help immediately. Nevertheless, it's crucial to inspect the people you plan to work with before letting them into your home. A thorough check will never be excessive when choosing the right locksmith, as there is a home and personal security at stake.

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