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How neighborhood watch programs function and their effectiveness in discouraging crime

Are you communicating with your neighbors regarding neighborhood safety and burglar protection? Usually, we are used to blaming law enforcement agencies for all security gaps in our place of residence, but have you ever thought about how you can contribute to increasing security? Many issues occur due to the mistakes homeowners make regarding their own security. The neighborhood watch system is an excellent method that can be implemented in every neighborhood. It encourages citizens not only to rely on power structures but, above all, on themselves and their capabilities. Read below how the system works and how effective it is.

What is a neighborhood watch

Neighborhood Watch Program is a crime prevention program that was launched in 1972. It is a very old but still relevant and effective way to prevent crime in the country. It is based on citizens organizing crime control in their community together with law enforcement agencies. This program prevents many thefts and helps make the neighborhood safer.

What does a neighborhood watch do

A neighborhood watch program creates a collective responsibility to address important neighborhood issues. Citizens agree to monitor each other's property, inform the police about suspicious people in their community and their actions, and sometimes even patrol the streets. Any collective action is always the most effective. Community watch to prevent crime in your neighborhood makes your life safer and more comfortable.

How effective is neighborhood watch

According to studies conducted by authorities in many regions, crime rates have dropped significantly since the introduction of the community watch program. Most likely, criminals avoid committing crimes in neighborhoods where the program has been implemented because of the increased public control. Criminals usually choose another neighborhood where the activity of citizens is lower, and it is easier for them to go unnoticed.

How to start and maintain a neighborhood watch

Usually, communities where a neighborhood watch program is most needed, cannot establish and maintain one. Why does this happen? These are usually low-income communities where people work multiple jobs and have little or no time off. Thus, neighbors do not have the energy and time to meet and discuss the possibility of creating such a program. What does it take to launch such a program in your community successfully? Let's look at it step by step.
  • First, it is necessary to involve the citizens and outline the problems the program will primarily work on.
  • After that, it is necessary to establish contacts with law enforcement agencies to implement the program effectively.
  • Next, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, community representatives should assess the main problems of the neighborhood on which the neighborhood watch will focus.
  • After that, it is important to form a team of volunteers who will be motivated to solve the neighborhood's problems.
  • The last point is ensuring volunteers fulfill clearly defined tasks. Motivating volunteers to create new projects from the authorities, law enforcement agencies, or community leaders is also important. In order to enhance the safety, they can reach out to professional security services for assistance.
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Implementing a truly effective neighborhood watch program is a very long process. Its success will only be noticeable after some time. However, in a few months, residents of the neighborhood will notice the changes that have been implemented through the program. Working on safe living is a necessary step towards increasing comfort!
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Summing Up

Thus, a neighborhood watch system is another effective way to ensure a higher level of security for your home. It can be a great addition to your home's security system. CCTV cameras, motion detectors, and a neighborhood watch system will work perfectly together. As well as, if you don't know who to contact to install cameras or other parts of the security system, you can contact us. Sure Lock & Key will be happy to help you select and install any elements of the selected security system. You just need to give us a call!

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