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Is it possible to unlock the door with a credit card

Who didn’t watch those spy movies when we were children? Do you remember how exciting it was to see how the spy managed to open the door with a credit card? Have you ever thought about trying that out? Is it even possible? Although the answer to your question is positive, it has many exceptions.

Nevertheless, you may still use the information below to open the door in emergency situations, for example, if you get locked out of the house with the keys inside. However, remember that calling for emergency locksmith services is always a sure way out or in. So, are you interested in how to open a door using a credit card? If so, we invite you to keep on reading.

How to unlock the door with a credit card

Let’s say ‒ you are in front of a locked door, and nobody can open it from the inside or bring you spare keys. If you decide to use whatever you have, a plastic credit card may become a helpful solution. Yet, make sure it’s not highly important to you.
To unlock a door with a credit card, take the next steps:
  1. Try bending a card corner to the boat shape to slide it into the gap between the door and its frame a little higher from the lockset.
  2. Move the card down towards the latch unless it touches the bolt inside.
  3. Wiggle your card as you keep pushing it down while trying to jiggle the door knob.
  4. When you feel the card is between the latch and striking plate, apply pressure inwards on the bolt by bending the card towards the doorcase.
  5. Keep pressing till you feel it slide the bolt back to the door, and then the door should open.
unlock the door with a credit card
unlock the door with a credit card

Open a locked door with credit card: Pros and Cons

If the instruction above seems quite simple and motivates you to try it out, take your time, as it might fail to be successful. The first obstacle is that the hack may work only on the lockset and spring-loaded latches. It doesn’t work on deadbolts, as they have more complex mechanisms and strictly require a key or thumb turn to be opened. That’s why you may apply this trick mainly on minor doors that don’t have other security features.
Second, you may perform this hack only if you’re at the side of the door where it opens to the outside. The main reason is that you need to push the door a little during the opening process, and it’s easy to do only on this particular side. Third, the trick may be successful only when the sloped side of the bolt faces you directly. This way, you will be able to slide the card along the bolt’s sharp end.
Talking about the credit card, take into account that it will be inapplicable after use. So, before performing this tricky thing, consider whether it’s better to take your regular card or call a local locksmith. However, you may also carry a faulty card in your wallet for these cases.
key and card on table
What are the main disadvantages of the card door-opening method? First, regarding the information above, it might not work on every lock. In addition, a card may break in the process if it’s not flexible enough or if you apply too much pressure. As a locksmith company with extensive experience, we remember cases with a stuck or broken card in the gap between the door and jamb. Please remember that sometimes calling a locksmith significantly saves your time and effort.
key and card on table

When to avoid the card method

While reading the article, you might conclude that potentially any intruder can enter your house using a piece of plastic, but don’t worry! If you have a deadbolt installed, the entrance to your home is more secure than you think. Nevertheless, if you are concerned about that, we invite you to read how you can make your home more secure.
However, if you really live in a house with a regular lockset with a latched lock on the front door, we encourage you to purchase and install a reliable deadbolt for safety reasons. We at Sure Lock & Key will gladly assist you and answer all your questions on locksmith and security.

Summing up

Emergency cases require inventive solutions, but the first wise decision in trouble is to remain calm and think about the outcomes. Not every problem may be solved on your own, and it’s never shameful to ask for professional assistance.

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