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Can A Locksmith Make A Copy Of A Photographed Key

Lots of people live with the fear of losing their keys. But only a few of them are ready to face such a situation with a plan of what to do to get a new key quickly. Obviously, you can try to prevent loss by being attentive, checking your keys every 10 min, etc. But you also should know that in case of such an accident, a locksmith can help you. Sure Lock & Key is here to provide you with all the information you need to ask for a key copy of a photographed key!

How To Duplicate A Key Using Only Its Photo

The number of keys is endless. They are of different sizes, and designs, but their main function remains the same. Moreover, except for the latest keys, regular keys are pretty similar as well. Without special training, a person wouldn’t be able to see all the little details and differences that make the key unique. But a locksmith is more than knowledgeable to get all the necessary information just by carefully examining a photo of the key. After getting all the measurements, the locksmith can start duplication.
From the professional point of view, such duplication is quite precise and would be successful in most cases.
a lot of keys
a lot of keys

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Do Normal People Take Photos Of Their Keys

We take dozens of photos every day. Why not take a few pictures of your keys? But please, don’t post it anywhere. They aren’t supposed to end up in the wrong hands. What is important for this method, you must keep them with the highest security. Because you don’t want any burglar to take advantage of these photos.
Nowadays, we even have special applications to store this type of data far from strangers’ eyes. Some of them are so advanced, they can provide a locksmith with all the measurements and details. So, before installing some app for this purpose, check whether it’s completely private or not. It would be great if it would have a two-step authentication.

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