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How to maintain a commercial safe: tips for keeping your safe in top condition

If you're a business owner, you know the essentials of protecting your company's assets. The wisest way to do this is to use a commercial safe for storing valuable items like cash, documents, and sensitive data. Thus, keeping your safe in top condition is equally important. It isn't about cleaning and dusting it but investing in its regular maintenance to increase the security and longevity of your device.

Also, maintenance might save you a lot of money, preventing malfunctions. Replacing or repairing a commercial safe may be extremely expensive, especially if it's a large or high-security model. Depending on size and features, its cost may range from several hundred to thousands of dollars. So, investing in regular supervision is much better than overpaying for incidental replacements or repairs.

In this article, Sure Lock & Key will provide practical tips for keeping commercial safes in top condition all the time.

Why is safe maintenance so important

Safes are popular options when it comes to storing valuables. They're especially common in commercial use, providing a high level of security. However, in time, without proper maintenance, they're highly likely to fail. Neglecting this part might lead to malfunctions and potential security breaches that may be costly in both time and money.
Moreover, a well-maintained device is less likely to become vulnerable to theft or tampering.
Regular safe maintenance involves inspecting and testing to ensure it functions correctly. This includes verifying that the door and hinges are secure, checking and lubricating the locking mechanism, etc.
Sometimes, commercial safes may require repairs or upgrades over time to confirm they continue providing the necessary protection level.
Let's discuss each step you might take to keep your safe in top condition.

Make annual safe inspections

One of the most effective things you can do is an annual inspection of your safe for wear and tear signs. It includes checking the hinges, door, and locking mechanism for any damages and replacing broken or worn-out components. When you deal with electronic locks, assuring they have functioning batteries is a must.
Regular safe inspections may prevent emergencies and breaks in the future. This important process is usually entrusted to professional locksmiths with the necessary equipment to identify and resolve the problem on-site. This way, they also may check all your protection checkpoints, such as biometrics or alarms, to ensure any digital records of who opens the safe are operating.

Lubricate the locking mechanism

Another key aspect of maintaining your commercial safe is lubricating the locking mechanism. Over time, the lock and bolts might become stiff or rusted, making it difficult to open and close the door. Dealing with a stuck safe lock may be frustrating, especially during emergencies, like when you need your firearm immediately or require documents on the fly.
Thus, applying a small amount of manufacturer-approved grease regularly to the bottom and front sides of the lock's bolts is recommended to ensure that your safe functions smoothly.
wd-40 lubricate for safe
Although it's a straightforward task, entrusting this to a technician during the annual inspection may be wiser and easier. So, consider using professional safe locksmith services.
wd-40 lubricate for safe

Make sure your safe is located in the right place

The next step is choosing the right location for your safe. It's important to protect valuables from thieves and various other outside factors.
Let's discover some negative impacts of the wrong locations.
Placing your safe in water leaks or moisture areas usually causes rusting, corrosion, and damage to the contents. Sunlight or extreme temperatures may also affect internal mechanisms. The right location should be secure and monitored to prevent any potential security breaches and be easily accessible for you.
safe in closet
Some safes you might install independently, and some need professional installation, as it's crucial to consider whether the selected location is suitable for the weight and size of the safe. It's the only way to ensure it's installed correctly and doesn't pose a risk of collapsing or toppling over.
To avoid unpredictable emergencies, you may always seek professional assistance.
safe in closet

Summing up

Commercial safes are essential parts of any business, protecting valuable assets, including cash, documents, and other valuables. However, a safe is only effective if it's well-maintained. That's why we've shared some useful tips for keeping it in top condition.
We hope you find our article informative and helpful, but if you need any professional assistance, Sure Lock & Key will gladly provide it. Feel free to call!

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