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How to Choose a Gun Safe: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to owning firearms, security should always be a top priority. That's where gun safes prove their efficiency.

First and foremost, they help to stay compliant with the law. Many regions have stringent regulations governing firearm storage, and owning a gun safe ensures you're on the right side of these rules.

Also, a gun safe is essential to prevent unforeseen situations if you have children in your home. It is a robust barrier that ensures only responsible adults can access your firearms. Moreover, safes shield firearms from fire, floods and other potential hazards.

It is a straightforward yet essential tool for responsible gun owners to create a secure environment for their families and loved ones.

In this article, Sure Lock & Key will provide valuable insights into the realm of gun safes to assist you in choosing the best option possible.

Keep reading for more information.

How To Choose A Gun Safe

Some people do not attach much importance to the place where they keep their guns. However, that is obviously very irresponsible, as most of us know. There are many reasons why you might need a gun safe. Any family members who keep a gun in their home need to make sure that they have a gun locker to store it in, keeping it out of the reach of children, family members, or any guests who come over. This type of safe will also protect your gun from thieves. It’s essential because if someone steals your firearm and uses it for any criminal act, you will need to deal with the authorities. Owners can unlock a home gun safe with a key, biometrics, or code. It’s up to you to choose which method you want to use. You can decide on the type and size of your safe, and there are many options to choose from. For example, two of the most popular are:
  • Handgun safes are more petite and might hold a couple of handguns. They’re reliable and easy to use.
  • Long gun safes can be space-saving, fit in a corner, and can be used to store rifles and shotguns.
  • Some gun safes can protect a weapon against natural disasters. They can be fireproof and/or waterproof.
    It’s important to choose the best location for installing this kind of safe. You can install it on the wall, under a bed, or inside your furniture. Also, you can make it look like a decorative object in a room.
    money and gun in safe
    money and gun in safe

    What should you look for in a gun safe?

    If you explore all the available options on the market, you'll come across safes that may appear to be nothing more than thin metal boxes. However, they usually lack the necessary level of security.
    Safes come in various sizes and models, making it easy to become overwhelmed when choosing the best one. Therefore, Sure Lock & Key has outlined some valuable tips on selecting a safe that offers the best protection.
    Before purchasing a gun safe, always inspect the type of lock it provides. The locks should either be of the dial variety or electronic locks. The top-quality safes are typically UL-listed, indicating they have undergone testing by Underwriters Laboratories. Additionally, pay attention to the thickness of the safe's walls and doors.
    gun safe
    Even if you come across a safe with an impeccable lock, it's important not to rush into buying it. Another extremely significant consideration is the fire rating. We strongly recommend opting for a safe with a minimum 1-hour fire rating. Fire-resistant gun safes with less than a 1-hour fire rating won't provide the necessary protection to withstand a home fire.
    gun safe

    Where To Put A Gun Safe?

    Choosing the most suitable location for a gun safe is another essential step to ensure convenient accessibility and strong security.
    Generally, the final decision depends on your specific needs and personal preferences, but there are still some crucial points to consider.
    To assist you in making an informed decision, we have outlined some potential locations for your gun safe below.
    Garage: This option is ideal for those seeking to keep firearms out of their primary living space. Generally, it is best suited for large gun safes that may not seamlessly fit within your home. Also, securing and bolting down this safe is essential, as immediate accessibility could be hindered in this location.
    Bedside: Quick access to your firearm is crucial in unforeseen situations. A bedside gun safe, usually a nightstand safe, allows you to access your handgun without leaving your bed. However, this location is best suited for households without children to avoid potential emergencies.
    where to put a gun safe
    Basement: Similar to the garage, the basement is an excellent option for larger, discreet gun safes, offering enhanced security and monitoring within your home. However, quick access may be challenging.
    Closet: A closet gun safe offers flexibility and multiple layers of secrecy. You can place a small safe on a closet shelf or fit it neatly into a drawer. Larger closets may even accommodate a rifle safe. This option allows you to keep your firearms in your bedroom without making the presence of a gun safe obvious.
    where to put a gun safe

    What level of burglary protection has a gun safe?

    A burglar-proof safe is essential for customers because, as we already discussed, you'll have to deal with the consequences if someone uses your gun for any criminal actions. The level of protection depends on the safe rating. It may be a bit confusing at first, so we want to explain what these ratings mean.
  • "B" RATE SAFE:
  • It is safe with a 1/4-inch body and a 1/2-inch door. These safes have a "B" rating because they have a locking device. So, it’s advisable to consider other safety features before buying this kind of safe.
  • To get this rating, the safe must sustain five minutes of strict punching, prying, drilling, chiseling, and tampering attacks. Different burglary tools are used to test it.
  • "C" RATE SAFE:
  • To receive this rating, the safe doesn’t need to undergo any tests. It should be a 1/2-inch-thick steel box with a 1-inch-wide door with a lock. It must be equipped with a fixed plate and a relocking device.
  • The safe receives this rating when it is composed of 1-inch solid steel or equivalent. The safe is tested for 15 minutes with different burglary tools. It is supposed to withstand different kinds of attacks, like punching, drilling, pressure, etc.
  • The letter "F" stands for "fire," and the rating indicates the level of protection a safe offers against fire damage. An F-rated gun safe is designed to withstand exposure to fire for a specified period while keeping everything that is inside safe from extreme temperatures and flames. The actual duration of fire resistance can vary depending on the specific rating assigned to the safe by its manufacturer. Common fire ratings for safes include 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 2 hours.

    What kind of gun safe is the best?

    As mentioned, finding the best gun safe may be a challenging process. It often requires many important details tailored to individual preferences and needs.
    While on your search, paying attention to fire and waterproof ratings is important. A reliable gun safe should safeguard your firearm from any unexpected damage.
    Determining whether your chosen option has undergone testing is also vital. To confirm this, check its rating. Additionally, it's wise to consider reviews and brand reputation to make an informed decision. Impressions from other users provide valuable insights into a safe's functionality and durability. Brand reputation is another strong indicator of quality and reliability.
    By keeping this information in mind, you can confidently make a worthwhile investment.
    There are several affordable and reliable safes available to meet various needs, ranging from compact options to large and highly secure ones.
  • Fort Knox FTK-PB:
  • It's a heavy-duty safe, weighing 20 lbs. and constructed with 10-gauge steel, offering exceptional security. What sets it apart is the mechanical Simplex lock. It provides lightning-fast and straightforward access even in low-light conditions.
    With the capacity to hold 2-3 pistols and some magazines (depending on your stacking preferences), it balances size and utility.
    The only minor drawback is that it offers 1081 combinations, so consider discreet placement or teaching firearm respect if you have curious teenagers.
    Fort Knox FTK-PB
  • Stack-On 8-Gun Cabinet:
  • If you're looking for a solution to safeguard your long guns, the Stack-On 8-Gun Cabinet may be a wise choice. It features a keyed lock and 18-gauge steel sides, making it a pry-resistant option.
    While this safe is pretty spacious, it might quickly outgrow its capacity if you expand your collection. Therefore, starting with an 8-gun safe is advisable unless space constraints dictate otherwise.
  • SecureIt Agile Model 52:
  • This model offers a unique approach to gun safes. It delivers flat and assembled internally, eliminating the need for external screws or components.
    With a depth of 15 inches and a weight of 105 pounds, it's easily concealable and can fit in various locations while still offering portability.
    Even though it sacrifices capacity, accommodating only 6 long guns with scopes, its modular Cradle Grid backing ensures secure storage in nearly any configuration.
    To enhance security further, it's advisable to bolt the safe down, even if it's hidden from plain view.
    Fort Knox FTK-PB


    So, we can all agree that if you own a gun, it’s essential to protect it and keep it hidden in a safe place. The best way to do that is to purchase a gun safe. However, choosing the best bet may be problematic if you lack resources or time. Then it's a good idea to ask professionals for advice. Sure Lock & Key is ready to assist you in choosing the best options to suit your needs and requests.

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