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How smart locks can save you money on home insurance

Smart locks are a relatively new technology that has been out in the market for the last few years. However, these locks and other smart devices are slowly taking over the security industry. They're considered to be more convenient and secure than regular mechanical locks.

These gadgets can really make your life easier and more comfortable. Any smart device can be connected to your smartphone and you can control them from anywhere by pressing a few buttons. Today, more and more people start acknowledging them and it's even possible to get a discount on home insurance. If you want to learn more about smart locks and the benefits they can offer, keep reading!

What is a smart lock

Even though smart door locks have been out for a while, some people might not be familiar with that technology. First of all, let's define what exactly a smart lock is and what are its working principles.
This type of lock is fully electronic and it doesn't have any traditional mechanism inside. Electronic locks are connected to a specialized app on your smartphone. Through this application, you can easily control your lock from any point in the world at any time. It has many advantages over regular mechanical locks.
  • Smart door locks are really durable and typically they last longer than mechanical ones.
  • These locks provide keyless entry, so you don't have to worry about carrying around a bunch of keys or losing them.
  • Electronic locks can be operated remotely, so in case you forget to lock them, you can easily do it by pressing a few buttons on your phone.
  • They have a notification system. You'll be alerted about any suspicious actions.
woman open a smart lock via smartphone
If you're thinking about installing this device in your home, the best decision is to use professional security services.
woman open a smart lock via smartphone

Can smart locks help you save money on home insurance?

Above, we mentioned some of the main security benefits of smart locks. However, you still might be curious about whether these devices can help you save money on home insurance.
Well, in general there's no 100% guarantee that a smart lock installation will benefit your home insurance somehow. It really may depend on your location and the regulations there and the insurance company you choose as well. Many people still don't have much trust for digital security devices, as they're scared of hacker's attacks. However, there're still a few possibilities to get a discount and save some money.
  • You can get smart devices at a lower price.
  • Another discount you can receive is the one for a premium home insurance.

Can smart home devices help you save money on home insurance

Home insurance is the thing that can give you a peace of mind, as it plays a huge role in your home security. It can be really helpful in case any incidents occur. Also, besides smart locks there are various smart home devices you can use for your convenience and home protection. You can integrate these devices with your home security system.
In certain cases, the usage of smart home devices can help you save on your home insurance. For example, you can use water sensors that'll prevent leaking or you can use smart smoke detectors and thermostats that can notify you in case a fire occurs.

Summing up

We can all agree that smart locks are an amazing alternative to regular mechanical locks. They're more convenient and durable. Probably in the nearest future they'll become one of the most popular lock types for both residential and commercial usage. When it comes to home insurance, there's no guarantee you'll be able to save money, but there're certain possibilities to get a discount.
If you're thinking about installing it, Sure Lock & Key will gladly assist you with that process.

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