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How Long Does Key Cutting Take

Very often, people who need a new key to be cut are avoiding this procedure at all costs. Why? Because they think that it takes forever, that this process is very complicated. In our everyday practice, and Sure Lock & Key has been providing locksmith services for more than 3 decades so far, we often meet people who are truly shocked and surprised that key cutting actually doesn’t take much time. So, what should you know about key cutting? Want to know how to cut keys? How do locksmiths make key cutting? Let’s get it started

What Types Of Keys Could Be Cutted

A skilled and licensed locksmith can cut you all types of keys, however, there are some key types that can’t be duplicated due to different causes. Let’s clear everything up.
Have you ever seen a key with a “do not duplicate” mark on it? This inscription doesn’t mean that the key is not subjected to duplication, it’s only a standard precaution usually made by business owners to control unwanted copying. That’s why some hardware stores or locksmiths can have objections if you ask them to duplicate such a key.
Also, there are a really huge number of types of house keys and types of car keys. Some of them can be really rare, so not every locksmith has the appropriate tools or knowledge to cut it. For example, if you need a common key, there won’t be a problem at all. A locksmith will use a special cutting machine and a key blank to make you a key. But if you happen to be an owner of some unusual lock, and need some hard to duplicate key such as a tubular key, for example, there could be a little hiccup.
There are some situations where cutting a key can be illegal indeed. In locksmiths’ jargon, these keys are known as “restricted”, and only the original manufacturers have the right to duplicate them.
Cutting a car key is much easier. The problem may occur if you can’t verify that you’re the owner or if your locksmith doesn’t have the appropriate tools or information to make a key for your car’s make, model, and year. So, to get a new key cut, you need to have your documents and choose a locksmith. If you have never dealt with locksmiths before and don’t know how to choose the right one, you can use our recommendations on how to find the perfect locksmith technician.

Where To Get Keys Cut

Locksmith services have become more and more available and affordable to make a modern person’s life easier. Today, all you need to find a place where you can get a new key made is to google “key cutting near me”. There are lots of hardware shops, you even can find self-service key cutting kiosks (key copy kiosks) in malls, but the best place to get a key copied remains a locksmith company. Licensed and experienced locksmiths are the only people who can provide you with the key that is perfectly working. Also, only a locksmith can program you a new keyfob or transponder key, which would be useless without programming. Moreover, cutting a car key when you’re far away from the nearest locksmith company isn’t a problem anymore. Using mobile service vans, a locksmith can make you a key on site.
As you can see, you have different options. But to avoid unpleasant consequences such as a badly cut key, incorrectly chosen or a cheap and unstable key blank, etc. you should use only a licensed locksmith. In case you can’t use a locksmith company for key cutting right now, please reach out to it afterward to exclude mentioned above issues. Especially if you’ve got your key using a self-service kiosk.
many new keys
There’s another important reason why you should always choose a skilled and licensed locksmith for such a task. It will save you time. An experienced locksmith can make you a new key in 5 minutes. However, some technically advanced keys need more time to be cut and programmed. Still, you’re saving your time and money by avoiding the possible breakage of a poorly cut key.
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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Key Cut

Key cutting cost, like any other locksmith service cost, depends on different factors. First of all, calling for key cutting, you should take into consideration your locksmith company pricing policy. For example, our starting price for new car key cutting (making from scratch) is $119. The cost of cutting a car key always depends on your car’s make, year, and model, and the type of key you need. Some of them need more effort and time to be made. Also, if you need just a copy, the price will be less high.
If you have some questions about key cutting or about any other locksmith service, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re always ready to help.
locksmith makes a key cut
locksmith makes a key cut

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