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How do you secure a classic car

Old classic cars are something all owners value. That's why owners invest so much time and money in restoring and maintaining them. However, these beautiful and rare cars are like a green light for car thieves, who usually focus on car parts they can sell on the black market. Finding another car that is similar or replacing the parts might be quite challenging or even impossible. So, it's important to take proper security measures to keep your prized possession intact. However, what can you do to secure your vehicle? This article will provide you with a few tips on how to protect your classic car!

Are older cars easier to break into

Unfortunately, older cars are not as secure as new ones, so it might be easier to steal them. Classic cars are easy targets for criminals, as they don't have modern security systems, inbuilt trackers, or secure electronic door locks. Parts of some of these vintage cars are extremely rare, so for a thief, stealing a classic car is an accomplishment.
Also, most of the older cars don't have an alarm system, so if someone tries to break into your car late at night, chances are you won't even hear anything.
Classic cars have uncomplicated electronic systems. Even after computers began being put in vehicles, they were quite simple and didn't have much effect on safety. The only thing that protects these cars from being stolen is the fact that you need a key to start them. However, some thieves can manage to access the wires that start the car without using a key. We definitely can say that stealing an old car is much easier than stealing a new one. So, if you want to secure your car, you should consider using automotive security services.

How to secure a classic car

Car enthusiasts sometimes trust each other too much. Let's be honest, most, if not all, car thieves are opportunists who want to make money. They know their business and understand what is valuable and in demand.
There are a few simple tips that each and every car owner should follow. First, make sure to keep your door locks locked at all times. It's wise to keep your car in a garage if you have one. Also, as much as it may sound obvious, never leave your key in the ignition.
These rules are also important:
  • Replace old door locks.
  • If you own a classic car, you always need to replace worn-out door locks with new ones. New modern locks are much more secure than the old ones, as they are really hard to pick. Also, replacing the locks is important, as almost any popular classic car can be opened with a tryout key. Anyone can buy them, so basically, anyone can open your car. However, replacing the old locks on a classic car may ruin its authentic appearance. If you don't want that to happen, you should consider rekeying your lock instead of replacing it. A professional technician will re-pin the cylinder and provide you with a new key.
    classic old car
  • Get a high-quality car GPS tracker.
  • It's worthwhile to invest in a quality GPS car tracking device if you want the best protection for your classic car. Most old cars don't have a security system, and this tracker will allow you to track your vehicle in real-time and alert you if someone tries to break in. Most GPS tracking devices have a notification system that can be connected to your phone and will notify you whenever something unusual happens.
  • Comprehensively insure your car.
  • Make sure you have an up-to-date appraisal and that your car is protected by an insurance company that understands your passion for driving a classic car. Insist on insurance at an agreed-upon value that matches what the car is currently worth.
    classic old car

    Top 3 Security Devices for Classic Cars

  • LoJack for the classics:
  • LoJack is one of the most popular security systems. There are a bunch of reasons why people love it so much. LoJack is a stolen car recovery system. This system is controlled by the police and if they don't find your car within 24 hours, you get all your money back. So, how does it work? After your car is stolen, the police enter information about it into a nationwide law enforcement computer system. That activates the LoJack device hidden in the vehicle, and any police car in the area will receive the signal.
  • Ravelco:
  • Next we have Ravelco – a car theft prevention device. The Ravelco anti-theft system car is really convenient. Some people even call it a second car key. You just carry it around with you and then plug it in before turning the key. The biggest advantage is that it's practically a fail-safe system.
  • Club:
  • When it comes to a classic car security system, most people prefer car alarms and blockers for the steering wheel. The Club is a well-known car safety device that limits the steering wheel's turning radius.
    thief try to steal car
    thief try to steal car

    Summing up

    Unfortunately, ensuring the protection of a classic car does not meet the demands of the modern era without additional security. Fortunately, there are so many ways to reduce the risks. After reading this article, you will know more about the best ways to protect your car. There are some simple steps you can take to prevent your car from being stolen, but for more serious issues, you might need the assistance of a professional. Sure Lock & Key is always here to assist you, whether you require our services or just information.

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