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How Can A Locksmith Verify Ownership

Locksmith specialization is a sphere of great responsibility. Being a person that can easily open any lock, a locksmith has to be especially attentive and careful. Naturally, no locksmith wants to be a tool in the hands of someone who wants to get inside the building they don’t own. So, the rule “Measure twice, cut once” is super relevant for us. Ownership verifying is one important step Sure Lock & Key takes every time we embark on a new case. Here’s what we do and what you should know before calling a professional locksmith.

Prove The Ownership Of Your Home

That’s the easiest way to prove your ownership. Show us your valid ID, driving license, or a bill with your name on it and the address. Also, you can make this verification process of two steps and show us every appropriate document you have on you. That never hurts. But there are lots of situations where you might not have any photos with you and the case can be an emergency. For example, it’s a beautiful Sunday morning. You've just woken up, put the cattle on the stove, and rushed to greet your beloved neighbor or to take your newspaper. You stepped out of your house and oh no! The door shut behind you. Obviously, you don’t carry around an ID in your pajama’s pocket. So how can you prove that you live here?
Ask neighbors
Maybe that beloved neighbor you leave your home to talk to can assure a locksmith that you’re an owner. And after you get the door opened, you can show us your ID to confirm that you’re really that resident you claimed you were.
Ask your relatives
If you have your family somewhere nearby, they can happen to have some of your bills or any other documents to prove it’s your house. Very often they even can have a spare key you can use instead of calling a residential locksmith.
Ask your landlord (if you have one)
If you rent this house or flat, your landlord can easily verify that you’re the actual resident. But you also should try and ask for a spare key.
man got new keys for house
man got new keys for house

Prove The Ownership Of Your Car

Usually, if a car’s door gets locked, the driver’s license or title stays inside. By providing locksmith services for more than 35 years, we discover that that's one of the main laws of the Universe. But that won’t be a problem at all. Just show us your license or title after we finish our job. If you got stuck inside your car, then you probably have access to the documents, so you can provide an automotive locksmith with them at once.
Sometimes you can not be the owner of the car or house, then except for the proof of ownership, you should also have a letter of authorization.

Why Is It So Important To Check The Ownership

We understand that these rules may seem too strict, but without them, people’s property would be at risk. We understand that in an emergency, you simply might not have time to deal with documents. But being a professional locksmith company, we try to guarantee people’s safety in all spheres. And that’s our main task to be responsible for what we do. So, let us admire your ID photo first, and we will provide you with the best locksmith services in your life!

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