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Helpful tips for safely storing your car for an extended duration

Driving your vehicle regularly is recommended to maintain its optimal performance and prevent potential issues. However, various situations may require long-term car storage, and leaving your vehicle to sit for a long time without preparation might lead to many problems. From dead batteries to damaged engines and ruined tires, neglecting proper storage might result in costly repairs.

Whether you're storing your car for winter, going on a business trip, or facing a military deployment, Sure Lock & Key will guide you through essential steps to keep your vehicle in top condition and ensure a hassle-free return to the road.

Keep reading our article to discover how to protect your car and prepare it for future adventures!

Choose the right lock

One of the common mistakes car owners make is overlooking the importance of quality locks. However, simple actions may go a long way. Choosing the right car door lock is essential for saving your vehicle from theft, vandalism, and illegal access.
Padlocks may be a wise choice for long-term storage, offering a seamless blend of convenience and protection.
Furthermore, you might elevate your selection by exploring heavy-duty disc locks or shackle locks purpose-built for vehicles. They offer improved resistance against tampering, cutting, and picking, making them ideal for safeguarding your car.
garage lock
It's also advisable to look for hardened steel or alloy locks, as they offer superior strength and resistance against brute force attacks.
Whatever your choice, never settle for less than the best!
garage lock

Safe location

Choosing a safe location is the following step to ensure the long-term security of your car. Whether you opt for a storage facility or a parking spot, it's essential to prioritize places with robust access control, gated entrances, and comprehensive surveillance systems. These preventive measures will guarantee the utmost safety for your vehicle throughout its storage period.
While safeguarding your car from thieves is essential, protecting it from adverse weather conditions is crucial as well. Extended exposure to sunlight, rain, or moisture damages your car's exterior and overall appearance. That's why prioritizing storage locations with a roof or investing in an all-weather car cover is advisable.
While street parking might limit your options, a personal garage may be an ideal long-term storage solution. It offers the benefits of proximity, convenience, and privacy while your car is parked safely inside, protected from the elements and potential security threats.

Security cameras

Investing in security cameras may significantly increase the protection level of your car during long-term storage.
First and foremost, this approach posts a strong deterrence against thieves. While most burglars prioritize easy targets, security cameras signal that your car is well-protected, making thieves think twice before any illegal activity.
Furthermore, these devices play a crucial role in gathering evidence in the unfortunate event of a security breach. Yet the list of advantages doesn't end there.
Modern surveillance systems offer remote monitoring and allow you to watch the vehicle no matter the time and place.
It's important to strategically position your surveillance cameras to maximize their efficiency. Focus on the key area, including the main entry points, as well as any secondary access points that intruders could target.
Thus, security cameras serve multiple purposes, offering both deterrence and evidence-gathering capabilities.
security camera for parking spot
security camera for parking spot

Wash your car

Preparing your vehicle for long-term storage goes beyond choosing reliable locks and the right location. Unfortunately, many people overlook the importance of washing their car before it takes its extended rest.
However, leaving your vehicle dirty for an extended duration might result in unpleasant stains and lingering odors. Additionally, dirt and environmental pollutants may take a toll on your car's paintwork over time.
By washing a vehicle before storage, you may eliminate these harmful particles, protecting the exterior from corrosion and preserving its pristine appearance. Covering your car with wax is also advisable to create a protective barrier against elements like UV rays, moisture, and environmental contaminants.
While much attention is often focused on the exterior, a car's interior also deserves consideration. Cleaning a vehicle's interior is essential to prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust, and potential odors.
So, this preventive step is a simple yet crucial measure to keep your car in top condition and ensure a smooth return to the road.

Perform some general maintenance

Performing general maintenance is necessary before putting your car into storage.
It's the key to ensuring your vehicle stays in top condition during its extended rest.
The maintenance usually includes the following steps:
  1. Start with the engine oil and filter. Over time, old oil may become contaminated and potentially cause damage. Additionally, consider changing other fluids like transmission, coolant, brake, and power steering to prevent potential issues.
  2. Dead or discharged batteries are a common problem during long-term storage. Fortunately, you may avoid this scenario by disconnecting the battery or using a battery maintainer to keep it in good condition.
  3. Inflate the tires to the recommended pressure and consider overinflating them slightly to compensate for any air loss over time.
car maintenance
Covering maintenance tasks will provide a smooth and enjoyable driving experience when you're ready to back on the road.
car maintenance

Use a car cover

As mentioned, unfavorable weather conditions may significantly harm your vehicle. From scorching sun rays to heavy rain, snow, or hail, the elements can spoil your car's exterior and potentially increase repair costs. That's where a durable car cover proves to be the best solution. In addition to protecting your vehicle from the elements, it provides an extra layer of privacy and security, covering valuable items and features in your vehicle.
When looking for the most suitable car cover, choose one that offers a snug and tailored fit. Look for materials that are not only durable but also soft and breathable to provide proper ventilation and prevent moisture build-up. It's essential to avoid makeshift solutions like blankets, bedsheets, or plastic tarps. They usually fall short when it comes to the necessary protection your car deserves.

Summing Up

In conclusion, taking proactive steps when storing your car for an extended duration is crucial for its long-term well-being.
From proper cleaning and maintenance to using protective covers and addressing key problems, these simple yet effective tips will provide the peace of mind and protection you deserve.
Invest in the safety of your car now and enjoy a worry-free storage experience!
Have any questions on the topic? Looking for a reliable expert to answer any of your automotive issues? Sure Lock & Key is available 24 hours a day to come in handy when you need us most - Feel free to call!

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