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Can A Professional Locksmith Break My Lock

Maybe not every day, but still very often, we face customers’ unjustified fear that something might go wrong. Some of them even start our conversation with the question “Are you going to break my lock?”. So we decided to write this blog post to give all the answers and dispel all your doubts. And next time you need locksmith help, you won’t be so scared that something will definitely go wrong. Let’s check why this myth about locksmiths damaging people’s locks arose in the first place. And let’s figure out why it is completely false. Keep reading!

Professional Locksmith VS Lock

We asked you a question whether a professional locksmith can accidentally break a lock or not? Are you ready to answer? What do you think? Probably, if you have had a negative experience with locksmiths, you’re going to say that such a possibility is quite real. But that’s not true. A trained technician knows every inch of a lock, its every detail, so the possibility of accidental breakage is almost below zero. We in Sure Lock & Key open thousands and thousands of training locks, thousands and thousands of times before we’re ready to provide services for people.
Very often we solve the issues unqualified locksmiths cause. And lock replacement is one of the most common. People call us for repair, but after the examination, it turns out that repair won’t help. But such situations can be prevented by using only professional and licensed locksmiths in the first place. That probably became a base for this myth about locksmiths who damage locks non-stop. If you’re not sure how to choose the most suitable one for you, you should read our blog post on how to find your best locksmith.
repairing the ignition
repairing the ignition

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Car Locks And Ignition Issues

The same situation is reflected in automotive locksmithing. Use an unqualified locksmith once, and you will be scared of them forever or until you meet someone professional and reliable.
The most frequent issues appear with cars’ ignitions. Ignition is a part of a car that requires not only professional skills but also extreme carefulness. That’s why very often even just removing a broken key remains from an ignition, an unqualified locksmith can easily damage it. Needless to say, a trained locksmith can easily remove a broken key without causing any further troubles for the owner.
Using a locksmith who barely knows how to be a locksmith is always a two-step service with damage somewhere within. After an unlucky repair, you won’t have another solution other than to call a locksmith to get everything done correctly. Obviously, that would cost you a lot of money. More than calling a pro in the first place. Also, you should take into consideration that some locksmiths can damage your lock deliberately just to make you pay more than needed.

Why Can A Locksmith Break A Lock?

However, we should also warn you that there are situations where a locksmith has to destroy a lock. They are extremely rare. And they are the last decision we take when the situation is hopeless. Sometimes our customers even ask for it themselves if they simply don’t have time to wait until more gentle methods will produce results. To provide a fast entry to your house when it’s needed, we can drill the lock. But that means that the lock will be destroyed under the supervision of the professional, and not damaged. Don’t be afraid of such a scenario. Usually, that happens during lockouts if all the previous methods turned out to be completely pointless. But in such a situation, the lock is most likely to be so malfunctioning there are no chances it can be repaired. So as you can see, there’s nothing to lose.

How Much Does A Professional Locksmith Cost?

One of the reasons why people choose an underqualified locksmith is a lower price. But sometimes the desire to save money can play a trick, and in the end, you will pay more to fix the newly appeared issues. That’s why a professional locksmith is even cheaper. We in Sure Lock & Key believe that the price is an important part of any service, and everyone deserves to get the best service at the best price. That’s the exact thing we offer you. However, a locksmith’s price depends on a huge list of factors such as the time of the day you need our help, the distance a locksmith has to travel, your lock type, etc. That’s why it’s so hard to operate with the exact numbers. So we prepared for you a blog post that is an answer to the question “How much does a locksmith cost?”. There you will find not only all the factors that can affect the price but also average prices for the most requested services we provide.

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