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Do gun safes need to be climate controlled or not

When people first hear about a temperature-controlled safe, it may sound a bit strange to them. Usually, we don’t consider the temperature level in our safe deposit box as something essential. It may not be that important for jewelry, cash, or similar items. However, when it comes to guns, the situation is different. Humidity can damage pistols, rifles and machine guns. The damage depends on the type of powder and the amount of water, but in most cases, the gun mechanism can get ruined upon contact with water. Any self-respecting gun owner definitely won’t want to risk this. So, what is the best temperature and humidity for gun storage? What would be the perfect place for a gun safe? Sure Lock & Key assists clients not only with services but also with valuable information. So, let’s figure it out together!

What temperature should the gun safe be

When we choose the best place to store our gun, there are a few factors to consider. First of all, we need to control the temperature and keep the gun away from any source of water. It’s essential because the humidity could damage a shutter, trigger as well as other core components. Even if you don’t use your weapon regularly, without proper maintenance, you might have problems when using it for self-protection.
The best temperature and humidity for gun storage should be around 70 degrees and 30 to 50%, respectively. If the humidity level drops lower than 20%, the wooden part of your gun could be damaged. A safe dehumidifier may be an intelligent solution at this point because it allows you to control the humidity level and change settings depending on where you plan on placing the safe. Below we provide more information about the most suitable places for your gun box.

Where should I put my gun safe

Usually, when people talk about strongboxes for their firearms, they think that fire is the main source of danger. Most gun safe owners emphasize safe fire ratings importance and the necessity of choosing the model that meets all the standards. However, let’s not forget that humidity could also cause problems for gun owners. Of course, the level of humidity depends on the construction of your house or apartment and the area where you live. If you know that there will be a lot of snow in the winter, the basement is not the best place for your weapon safe. To secure your gun safe, find a spot in your home or office that you can easily access, but other people won’t find. Ensure that the temperature inside the room is stable and there won’t be any radical changes.
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If you have already chosen the best location for your safe but still need help with the installation process, you should probably seek guidance from a professional. Of course, if you are experiencing any problems with your safe lock, you should certainly use safe locksmith services.
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Can you store guns in a cold place?

No matter what time of the year it is, you need to pay attention to the condition of the place where you store your gun. Putting it under your bed or in your drawer is not the best decision for many reasons. First of all, it’s not a safe place and could also cause damage to the gun mechanism. Keeping the powder dry and lubricating the barrel and the other parts is something you can’t neglect, especially if you use your weapon more than once a year. The risk of damaging your gun at a cold temperature is much lower compared to high-temperature damage. However, it doesn’t mean you can ignore it and store your gun just anywhere. So what can you do to make sure you have the best storage conditions?
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The truth is quite simple. The solution is a gun safe climate control. This will make your maintenance much easier. There is no need to control the temperature yourself because the system already does it. Water condenses if you keep the gun in a cold environment and then move it to a warm one (for example, from the garage to the safe in the office). The condensation will build up on the cold metal, slowly damaging the gun and its parts. The worst part is that this damage won’t be visible on the exterior part right away, but eventually, this creates lots of rust. Gun safe temperature control may save you from additional expenses of purchasing a new gun or repairing the one you have right now.
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Summing up

Owning a gun is a serious responsibility that requires regular maintenance. It doesn’t matter what your firearm is used for (hunting, self-protection, etc.) keeping it in good condition is important. There are many reasons why you may need a gun safe, especially if you have kids or you don’t want to deal with potential lawsuits. The temperature factor is something that should never be neglected. With gun safe climate control, you can resolve any potential problems we discussed above. Also, don't forget about the possibility of issues to do with safe locks or keys occurring. It’s always good to have the contact information of a reliable locksmith that can help you. Sure Lock & Key might be an excellent option! We are a team of professionals ready to assist you at any time of day or night. So, if you have any problems with your safe lock, don’t hesitate to call us!

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