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Best places to hide a safe in your house

A safe can become one of the greatest investments in your home security. No matter how well you protect your house, there's still a slight possibility a criminal will manage to overcome all these measures and break into your house. Purchasing a safe will allow you to protect some of your most valuable possessions. To be honest, most criminals wouldn't want to spend much time inside your house, as their biggest fear is to get noticed. Usually, they take things that are out on the surface.

Keep in mind that it's important not only to choose the best possible safe but also to define where to install it. Some spots in your home are more secure than others. Today, we want to present them to you.

Behind a hidden door

When you purchase a safe, there are many different factors you'll need to take into account, like the material, lock type and, most importantly, the location to install it. A hidden safe is one of the best options in terms of security.
Which place to hide a safe to choose? One of the ways, which is pretty reliable but not as common, is to place your safe behind a hidden door. This type of door easily blends in with your house's interior. The whole point of it is to be practically invisible. However, this option is quite time-consuming and requires some work.

Inside stair steps

If your safe is not really big, you can store it inside your stairsteps. However, ensure that there's some space inside your stairs and it's possible to turn your steps into storage. You'll need to take off the panel on the side of your steps, put the box inside and attach that panel back. However, try not to make it really obvious, as most criminals are aware of that hiding spot and they might notice it.

In the wall

An in-wall safe is really common among homeowners. This option is one of the most secure ones, as your safe is not only hidden from prying eyes but also can't be moved. A safe of that type is almost fully mounted inside the wall. The only part you can access is the door. You can place this type of safe inside the wall behind a painting or a bookshelf. It offers protection not only from thieves, but other threats, like fire, as well. Keep in mind that it's really important to equip this type of safe with a decent lock. For that purpose, you can use professional safe locksmith services.

Beneath the floor

Another popular option is a floor safe. You can put it in the empty space beneath your wooden floor or you can cut out a spot inside the concrete. The second option will provide your safe with a higher level of protection. If you mount it inside the concrete floor, it'll be fully attached, and no one would be able to move it. You can either put it beneath the floor, under your bed or under any heavy cabinet. Also, consider installing it inside your closet or even inside your garage.
home floor safe
home floor safe

Inside a wall clock

A spot that you probably couldn't even imagine as a hiding place for your safe is a wall clock. If you have this good old huge wall clock, it can become a perfect storage place. Of course, it won't fit in a big bulky safe, but it'll be enough space for your documents, money or jewelry. However, if you're not really sure that it's the securest hiding spot, you can provide some extra protection in the form of a little lock.
wall clock with hidden safe
wall clock with hidden safe

In a fake air vent, wall outlet, or shelf safe

Another measure you can take in order to hide your valuable items is to create a fake air vent. From the outside, it'll look just like a regular air vent every house has, but on the inside, it'll be a safe. To complete this process, we strongly recommend using the assistance of a professional. Usually, these safes are equipped with an RFID mechanism. They get activated with the help of a card or a key fob.

Summing up

We can all agree that a safe is a great investment in your security. To make the best use of it, it's important to find the perfect hiding spot for your safe. You can either mount it inside the floor or on the wall. Some other popular spots are in the air vent, behind a hidden door, in the stair steps, etc.
After you choose where to install the safe, pay attention to the lock you choose for it. Sure Lock & Key will gladly assist you with that. Don't hesitate to call us!

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