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What is the difference between an ignition switch and an ignition cylinder

There are actually so many different elements and components that make up a car. It’s not possible to know how each and every one of them function if you’re not a professional technician. Of course, all of us know what and engine or a wheel is and we can easily identify when they start malfunctioning. However, there are many other important elements that we might not even be aware of. For example, some of the essential details in a car are an ignition switch and an ignition cylinder. What exactly these parts are and how do they work? What is the difference between those elements and what to do if they malfunction? Find answers to these questions and some other useful information below.

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What's better, dome or bullet cameras

We can all agree that the security of your building, whether it’s a house or an office, is extremely important. Today, there are so many different tools and devices that can help you enhance your security level. One of the most popular options is CCTV cameras. These devices allow you to monitor your property 24/7. Many of them can be connected directly to your smartphone, so you can easily look at what’s going on inside your building from anywhere. Plus, most cameras are now equipped with motion detectors, so they notify you about any suspicious activity. However, choosing the best camera for your needs might not be the easiest task, considering the number of options available. So, to make the decision a bit easier for you, we created a little guide on the two most popular camera types – bullet cameras and dome cameras. Keep reading to learn more about both options.

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Is replacing a garage door worth it

Garage door replacement is a serious step for any homeowner. The service takes time and money and surely, there will be many decisions to make, starting with a new door color and design and finishing with whom you will choose for this task. However, if you have a company you can rely on, everything will be as painless as possible. Many people choose to postpone replacement if the door still operates. The idea that if it has lasted for so many years, it will work a bit more may seem very persuasive. Some choose to keep their door because they think that the service itself is too much of a trouble. Because of that, the door may stay for an extremely long period of time, even though it clearly needs to be replaced. Each situation is individual, so it’s advisable to have a professional estimate everything and give you their verdict on whether or not it is worth replacing the door. Let’s take a look at some cases when garage door replacement is a must and when you can wait till the right moment.

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What is the difference between physical security and electronic security

When you're a business owner, theft is the last thing you want to deal with. So, to make your work successful and effective, it's essential to provide your business with the best security possible. Thankfully, over time the security industry developed a lot and now there are so many different devices you can use to protect your property and your valuables. Also, don't forget that it's essential to secure your data and personal information as well because cybercrime is really common today. So, what are the best ways to protect your business? Sure Lock & Key knows everything about physical and electronic security and we want to share our knowledge with you. So, keep reading if you want to learn more.

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Is it better to have wired or wireless security cameras

One of the ways to provide your house or office with decent security is to install security cameras. First of all, cameras are considered to be one of the strongest crime deterrents. Most criminals avoid houses that are equipped with cameras, as they don’t want to get noticed. Another great advantage security cameras offer you is the remote control. Today, most cameras can be connected to your phone. You’ll be able to monitor your property from anywhere. Plus, many cameras are equipped with motion sensors and they notify you of any suspicious activity. However, choosing a security camera now might not be the easiest task. Manufacturers offer so many different options with various features. The main question is which one is better, a wired camera or a wireless one. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of both systems to decide.

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Questions to ask a locksmith before hiring

The thing you want to deal with the least when inconvenience happens is having long conversations with a locksmith dispatcher on the emergency line. However, choosing a reliable locksmith is extremely important, and neglecting it may lead to negative outcomes. Locksmiths usually deal with your locks or security devices, so they work inside your home or near your property. That's why it's essential to choose person or company you can trust fully. The article below contains questions to ask a locksmith before hiring them. Sure Lock & Key has worked in this sphere for over 35 years, and we want to share our professional approach with you. It may help you choose an expert you can rely on in any situation. We assume you won't have the time to ask them all of these questions in case of an emergency. Nevertheless, these questions may be helpful while looking for a locksmith for a regular lock change or repair.

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Can you put a smart lock on a gate

When it comes to home security, the first point is your gate area. Anyone who would like to come inside has to go through it. So, logically, we want this area to be entirely secured. Every day the number of people who choose smart locks for their gates increases. Why? Besides the higher security level, these locks give you an opportunity to control the access of certain people to your property remotely. This is very logical as well as convenient, especially if we talk about commercial gates. Over the years of extensive experience, we at Sure Lock & Key have worked with thousands of different locks. Those that are older than the most modern and advanced types of locks. We would like to share our knowledge so that you can easily decide if you need a smart gate lock and what the benefits will be.

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What kind of lock is best for a sliding door

Sliding doors are the perfect feature to make your house light and attractive. That is because of huge glasses that let the sunshine into your home. Despite the attractiveness and coziness, it is also important to consider security. We can all agree that safety is one of the essential aspects for house owners. As with other doors, the sliding door is also the first thing in the way of a thief to get inside your house. That's why it should be resistant to any attempt of breakage. Sliding doors are mostly made of glass, which makes them quite accessible. So, it is advisable to consider installing a door lock, which will make them safer. However, what type of door lock is better to choose for sliding doors? Let's figure it out together today.

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How does the wireless intercom work

Probably all of us want to make our home as secure as possible. To achieve that, people equip their houses with the newest high-security locks and advanced home security systems. These measures are extremely effective, but they might be quite pricey as well. So, if it goes over the budget you’re ready to spend on security, there are some other measures you can take. One of the devices that are both secure and cost-effective is a home intercom. There are different types of this device out on the market today. However, their function is pretty much the same. It gives you the opportunity to communicate with your visitors without opening the door. Today, we want to discuss a wireless intercom. We’re going to define how it works, talk about its main advantages and figure out whether it’s better than the wired one.

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