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The benefits of hiring an emergency locksmith

Have you ever wondered if you need the services of an emergency locksmith? Probably, all people come to the point when they do. After all, if you haven't thought about it, it means you haven't faced an emergency yet. An emergency locksmith is a great solution to your problem that arose unplanned. You'll need to pay a little more for an emergency call, but then your technician will arrive very quickly and be able to solve your problem on the spot. It is convenient when you're in a hurry or don't want to waste much time. There are many advantages to making an emergency call to a professional locksmith. Among them are round-the-clock availability, professional equipment, technician qualifications and experience, and quick response to the call. We will talk about each of them in more detail below.

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The dangers of DIY lock installation: Why it's important to hire a professional

As a commercial or residential owner, you've probably faced the need to protect your property. The easiest step is replacing old locks, which is also relevant in situations with damaged or jammed locks. Many people opt for a DIY approach to save money, although it might pose serious dangers and shouldn't be taken lightly. Today, almost all lock sets are complex, requiring a certain skill level and expertise for installation. A careless approach might cause many problems, make your property more vulnerable, and force overpaying to fix further issues. Thus, seeking professional residential locksmith assistance may be a wise way to ensure your doors are reliable and provide a great protection level. In this article, Sure Lock & Key will tell you about the most common dangers caused by DIY lock installation and show wise ways to protect your property, avoiding possible difficulties. Keep reading for more information.

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Why should you have a spare car key

Probably many of us have been in a situation when we, unfortunately, got locked out of our car I needed to wait for a locksmith to open it. When this happens your day is spoiled. Time and money are wasted, and your nerve cells are irretrievably shaken! This problem of lost car keys or vehicle lockouts are extremely common. If you haven't experienced that feeling, then you're a lucky person. However, most people only realize the importance of spare keys once they face trouble. Most emergency situations can be resolved if you have a duplicate of your auto key. To prove this, Sure Lock & Key compiled some reasons why extra vehicle keys are integral to every driver's life! Please, keep reading to know more.

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Important things every rideshare driver should have

To become an Uber or Lyft driver, you need to do more than download an app to calculate costs and mileage. There are a few things you should always have with you to make sure you and the passengers feel comfortable using your car. Ultimately, if your passenger feels comfortable and safe in your car, they will give you the highest rating. One of the most important things in a car is a first aid kit. Nevertheless, whether you need a handheld vacuum cleaner or a charging station is up to you. Below, we want to talk in more detail about the things you might need for your car and how they can benefit you as a rideshare driver.

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What is a "Do not duplicate" Key

Let's say you received a new key and have already started looking for a good locksmith to make several duplicates. Your decision is pretty wise and logical according to the rules of safety and prudence. However, you unexpectedly notice a mark on your only key - "Unlawful to Copy" or "Do Not Duplicate Key." You may wonder what it means. Can a key duplication be illegal, and why? What if something happens to this key? No one wants to be locked out of his house, office, or any other property. It is therefore necessary to ensure that you can quickly get spare keys made and with that, have less stress. Sure Lock & Key gathered the information about the "do not duplicate" key to answer all the questions above. Please, read ahead this article for more.

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3 Easy ways to start a car without a key

If you have ever dealt with car mechanism breakages and you examined the insides of your car, you know there are so many different details that only a technician is fully familiar with. However, what if you need to start the car without the key? How to deal with all these mechanisms? There are three most famous methods to do it without a key. Each of them requires at least minimal technical knowledge and skills, so if you don't have them, it's better to entrust the solution to your problem to professional automotive locksmith. If you were a car mechanic in the past or at least listened carefully to your dad when he told you how to repair a car under the hood, then read below to learn more about each method.

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5 ways to increase commercial security

The last thing any business owner would want to deal with is a break-in or theft. However, as the statistics show, these unpleasant cases are almost unavoidable and always unpredictable. Criminals always come up with new and more sophisticated ways to invade your property. Plus, you can't exclude the possibility of theft inside the company. Thankfully, the security industry is really advanced and developed and you can use various tools and methods to increase the protection level for your commercial building. We created a list of the top 5 security measures you can use. Get more familiar with it below.

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Common car lock issues

Every car owner knows that buying a car comes with both convenience and some car lock and key issues you might have to deal with. There's no need to worry about them before they actually occur, but it's worth keeping the number of a reliable car locksmith. Some of these issues can be solved quickly, and some can be predicted or detected at an annual technical inspection. Sure Lock & Key has collected some of the most common requests our car locksmiths respond to. You can find these problems and their solutions below.

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How to avoid car theft

Finding out your car is stolen can be very stressful and disappointing. Just imagine the situation – you are returning to your car in the parking lot with your hands filled with grocery packs and find out your car is not on the spot. You anxiously start looking for your vehicle but cannot find it anyway and suddenly realize it is stolen. Feels like a real disaster? Definitely, it is. Even though nowadays the market is filled up with different modern devices to upgrade car security and today's car theft level is lower in comparison to the previous decade, it is still one of the most fundamental problems for all car owners. How to make your car more protected and inaccessible to thieves? We have collected useful yet simple tips on how to achieve it.

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