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3 Types of Concealed Safes - How Do You Hide a Safe

Choosing a safe is a task that requires maximum attention, thorough consideration of each option and professional assistance. That is the principle we highly recommend applying because pitfalls are everywhere. Your safe will be a place where you will store your most precious valuables, so it’s better to be reliable. But what makes a safe reliable? Have you ever heard about concealed safes? Unlike safes, which are placed on an open surface, concealed safes are specially masked to provide an even higher level of security, so a thief will have to spend more time finding where it is due to disguise. These safes also have high-quality and difficult-to-break locks. Now, consider which types of concealed safes are the most common.

  • Underfloor safes. Usually, these safes are small in size and installed under the concrete floor of your house. Even knowing the exact location does not always mean that someone will be able to get to your valuables. These safes are really hard to uninstall or even to get to them. In addition, they are equipped with reliable locks that are difficult to break. Thus, underfloor safes provide almost the highest level of security.
  • Floorboard safes. Similar to underfloor safes, this safe type is also installed under the floor in your home. However, if the first ones are designed only for concrete covering, a floorboard safe may be disguised under a parquet base or other material. To install floor safes the locksmith needs to make special holes in the floor and mount them with joists and bolts.
  • Wall safes. This safe is installed in special holes in the house's wall and fixed with special fasteners. That makes the safe virtually impossible to uninstall without the necessary effort. Another aspect that makes the wall safe extremely secure is the high level of disguising. After all, these safes are often hidden behind cabinets, paintings, TVs, or other objects, which makes them practically invisible.
  • How Do You Disguise a Safe

    People often keep their valuables hidden in their homes. It’s easier than putting them in a safe deposit in a bank. Once you need them, you don’t have to go anywhere. Besides, we tend to consider our homes the safest place ever, so, naturally, where could our items be safer? That could be true if you have a safe, especially a hidden one.
    Sometimes people find out about concealed safes after purchasing a regular one. However, there are methods to disguise almost any safe. Our experts from Sure Lock & Key have prepared a few ways you may use to hide your safe.
    • Imitation of an interior object. It might be enough to take a cloth that can cover your safe and put a vase with flowers, books, or something on it. Of course, this will not completely disguise your safe, but it will make it less noticeable in your home.
    • Use a special cover. Some companies manufacture special covers for safes to protect the safe from external damage and temperature effects. Usually, these covers are monochromatic, so your safe will not attract much attention. In addition, you can place the safe in your wardrobe and hide it behind long coats or other clothes.
    • Make a hideaway safe. Disguise your safe behind a washer or dryer. First, the bathroom is not a common choice for safe placement. Therefore, this aspect can disorient a thief. In addition, you can make your safe almost invisible. However, remember that safes with electronic locks might not withstand high humidity.
    cash in floor safe
    These tips mostly apply to large safes, but we'll cover options for masking small safes in another section. Of course, these tips are less effective than the professional installation of concealed safes in the house's walls or under the floor. However, if you are looking for a more economical and simple option to disguise a safe or a temporary solution, these tips might help.
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    Where Do You Put a Hidden Safe

    Sometimes, you may create a hiding place for your safe by yourself if you want to avoid going for installation services. Below are listed the most popular ways to hide away a safe.
    • In the attic. One of the best places in the house is the attic. In general, thieves try to spend as little time as possible in the house. Therefore, the attic often remains untouched. So you may place your safe right there, and in addition, disguise the entrance to the attic to make it even less noticeable.
    • Behind a hidden door. Consider replacing one of your bookcases with a hidden door. From the first point, it seems like it's a simple bookcase. That's why it is a really good way to disguise your safe, especially if the cabinet fits well with the interior of your home. The only drawback is that this method requires certain funds and installation services.
    • Under the stairs. You can also use the storage under your stairs in the house. That's how some types of stairs have already installed hidden spaces.
    • Behind the mirror. Another one of the hidden safe ideas works according to the secret door principle. Only the house residents will know there is a safe behind the mirror in the wall.
    hidden safe in the wall
    • In a fake air vent. One of the most creative ways to disguise a small safe. So you can install it in a wall's hole and mask it with a ventilation grill. This method makes your safe really inconspicuous and therefore increases your property's security.
    hidden safe in the wall

    How Do You Hide a Safe Behind a Wall

    Installing a hidden safe inside the wall is always a good idea. After all, these safes are not only equipped with high-quality locks but also are easy to disguise. However, what if you go the extra mile and make the safe even harder to access? This section analyzes how to make your hidden wall safe even more inconspicuous for outsiders.
    Perhaps the most obvious way to disguise your wall safe is to place it behind your furniture. This way, you will be able to make the safe in the wall invisible to other people, and only you will know where exactly it is. In addition, you may place it behind heavy objects like bookcases or a piano. Thus, the thief will have to make some effort to push them away.
    Also, it is advisable to pay attention to which room to place your wall safe. Usually, people choose bedrooms or living rooms. However, it may be too obvious for thieves. Therefore, we recommend that you place your safe, for example, in a children's room. After all, the probability that the thief will bypass this room is much higher.
    hidden safe in a wall
    Another way to disguise your wall safe is to install a remote-control picture safe. Unlike masking with an ordinary picture, such a device is well-fixed on the wall, and it is practically impossible to dismantle without the necessary code.
    hidden safe in a wall

    Where Should I Hide a Small Safe in My House

    Creating a safe cover disguise does not always require much effort or resources. To disguise a small safe, you don't need a lot of creativity or money. One simple way to disguise a small safe is to hide it under your bed. However, there are several options here. If your bed has a special niche under the mattress, then without a doubt, you can put the safe there. Or, if your bed frame has side panels that are flush with the floor, then you can place your safe under the bed and cover it with the side panel. So your safe will be invisible to everyone but you.
    ​​If you have a storage room, you may also place your small safe there. This room is not so noticeable and often visited in the house. However, we also advise you to take care of masking the safe itself. To do this, try to put the safe in a box or cover it with some cloth.
    Another and perhaps the most creative way to disguise your small safe is to hide it in an unnecessary refrigerator or another device. That is rather an unexpected option for placing a safe. Therefore, if you have a refrigerator or other device you do not use, you may put it in the basement or attic and place your safe there.

    Summing up

    There are many effective ways to make your safe hidden. And we at Sure Lock & Key would be glad to assist you with disguising your safe quickly and efficiently! Our company has 35 years of experience, so we can provide all kinds of safe locksmith services – from installing floor safes to rekeying or replacing locks. Call us and get high-quality service from a professional locksmith immediately.

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