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Prior to the arrival of European settlers, the area later to become New Haven was inhabited by the Quinnipiac native tribe.  The first recorded white settler to visit the area was the Dutch explorer Adriaen Block, which served as a precursor for the subsequent arrival of some Dutch traders who established a beaver pelt trading system, sporadically doing business but never permanently settling in the area.

In 1637, Puritans arrived in the area when they wintered over for a few months.  In April 1638, a group of five hundred Puritans who had left Massachusetts Bay Colony sailed into the harbor, hoping to establish a theological community and to exploit the harbor’s potential to become a viable port.  The Quinnipiac tribe, who were under attack from the neighboring Pequot tribe, sold the land to the Puritans in return for protection. By 1640, a theocratic government and a nine-square grid plan was established for the town, and it was formally named ‘Newhaven’, becoming the headquarters of the New Haven Colony, and becoming part of the Connecticut Colony in 1664, which led some members of the town to leave and subsequently establish Newark in the neighboring state of New Jersey in order to maintain their theocratic government.

It was made the co-capital of Connecticut in 1701, and continued to be so until 1873.

In 1716, the Collegiate School relocated to New Haven, and in response to a large donation from the British East India Company merchant Elihu Yale, the school was renamed Yale University.

The town was a staunch ally of Great Britain for many decades, and was initially reluctant to join the fight for independence from the Crown when the Revolutionary War began in earnest.  It finally entered the fray on April 23, 1775 when the Governor’s Foot Guard colonial regiment, led by future turncoat Benedict Arnold, raided the powder house to arm themselves and begin a three-day march to neighboring Cambridge.

Formally incorporated as a city in 1784.

New Haven can boast of pioneering many firsts, both for the U.S. and the wider world; the most notable of which being; 

  • The first planned city in America (1638) 
  • Yale student David Bushnell inventing the first submarine (1776)
  • John Fitch builds the first steamboat (1787)
  • Eli Whitney invents the first cotton gin (1793)
  • Samuel Colt invents the first revolver pistol at Whitney’s factory (1836)
  • Philos P Blake patents the first corkscrew (1860)
  • Local confectioner George C Smith invents the first lollipop (1892)
  • Louis Lassen, owner of local eatery Louis’ Lunch, invents both the hamburger and steak sandwich.


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