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Which is better Google Home vs Amazon Echo

Smart technology is at the peak of popularity right now. Many people started using smart speakers in their homes. There are infinite options on the market to choose from. However, for most of us, the most popular devices which compete are – Amazon Echo vs Google Home. It might seem easy to choose between these two options, as you expect the highest quality from both leading brands. However, because everyone has their own needs and preferences, we present below the pros and cons of both devices. Keep reading to learn more!

What is the difference between Google home devices and Amazon Echo

Smart voice assistants with artificial intelligence might be used for various purposes. You can ask the device simple questions about the weather or recent news or use them to control some systems in your home. You can operate and control your lights, air conditioning, security system and many more utilities with the help of your smart assistant. The two devices that are the most popular are Amazon Echo and Google Home. All these voice assistants work by the same principle, so it can be confusing to decide which one is better. However, there are also some distinct differences between the two devices to pay attention to.

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Google home devices

Do you want an assistant that can handle a real conversation and understand you like a real person? The value of Google Assistant lies in natural language recognition and in the fact that you can give several commands without saying "Hey Google" every time. Google’s smart displays are amazing, as they support many video streaming services. It’s not an essential feature, but it’s still a handy function and is more advanced than Alexa. An additional feature is the ability to show Google Earth photos and artwork when the screen is not in use. You can also use your Google Photos collection as a screen-saver.
The Echo Studio has replaced the discontinued Google Home Max. The sound is powerful and the quality is very advanced thanks to its angled speakers, which can fill an entire room with sound. There are smaller versions of this speaker that might be more suitable for your desk or bedside table, as they’re not as powerful.

Amazon Echo

A key advantage of Alexa is the huge number of integrations with a smart home. Amazon offers a wide range of products that can sync with other devices. As for speakers, there's the Echo series, which starts with the small Dot model and ends with the powerful Echo Studio model. Also, there are models of amazon assistant with screens that allow you to view security camera footage.
Amazon's Echo smart speaker has become the model by which most online reviewers judge all other smart speakers. It provides high-quality sound at a more affordable price than the best wireless Sonos speakers. Alexa has thousands of different skills to choose from, such as ordering food or reading a bedtime story. However, it requires a specific way of communication, especially when activating and using most of its skills. Because of this, it might be a bit difficult to communicate with Alexa unless you get used to formulating queries the correct way.
Amazon’s devices are easy to set up and offer high sound quality and excellent interconnectivity. You interact with them by simply saying "Alexa" and then give a command, whether setting a timer for an hour, dimming the lights at 8 p.m., or shuffling a playlist.

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Can my smart home devices be hacked

Smart assistants are increasingly in demand these days – and for a good reason. In many ways, the smart assistant opens up a world of endless convenience. However, there are some security risks that you might not be aware of. Smart home devices can be hacked and used to hack websites, steal data, and spy on users. Similar situations occurred with Amazon’s first-generation Echo smart speaker and Virgin Media’s Internet router, released in 2014 and 2017, respectively. All of these products had vulnerabilities that could leave users defenseless against cyber criminals.
smart device
Manufacturers try their best to make these devices resistant to attacks but they can’t fill in all the gaps. So, providing extra security for your smart home is up to you. Use complicated passwords that no one can guess, turn on the 2-step verification, don’t forget to update your devices, etc.
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What’s the best smart device for your home

This is a difficult question because both devices are exceptional and have similar features. The one you choose depends on your personal preferences and which products you use rather than what is technically better. For example, Amazon assistant Alexa may be better in supporting a more comprehensive range of devices and also it has a better smart home integration. So if you already have other smart home devices, Alexa may be your best choice. However, many users who have compared the two devices agree that Google Assistant is the “smarter” one. With Google’s expertise in A. I. training and a greater variety of voices than Alexa, it has more potential for the future.
Google Home smart speakers have a versatile design and are a practical choice if you already use Google Assistant or the Google Home app. In particular, Google Assistant is a convenient voice assistant for planning your personal and professional schedule. So basically, it comes down to which brand you prefer, as both are good choices.

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Summing up

Google Home and Amazon Echo are smart devices that provide functionality for listening to music, answering questions, and controlling other smart devices, as well as providing the user with many other useful features. Choosing one depends entirely on the user’s requirements. Still, when comparing the two devices in terms of features and functionality, the Amazon Echo device is more practical than the Google smart home device.
With more than 35 years of experience in the locksmith and security industry, Sure Lock & Key is committed to helping you choose the best smart device for your lock and key in order to enjoy all the benefits of the new technology.

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