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What is a weatherproof CCTV camera

The security system of your house, office or other property can consist of many different devices. One of the devices which is known as one of the most efficient security items is a CCTV camera. This is not a surprise because CCTV cameras provide the highest level of security due to their multi-functionality.

Still, even accomplished devices like this need some protection, especially if we are talking about outdoor CCTV cameras. Undoubtedly, the weather cannot always be light and sunny. Winters especially contain conditions of rain and cold. That's why some of our outdoor devices may need the feature of weatherproofing, and CCTV cameras are no exception. If you still do not know about the advantages of this fantastic device, then let's take a look at its main features!

What is a weatherproof security camera

The weatherproof CCTV camera is a great invention that increases the safety level of your property and allows you to control the situation around your area remotely. In addition, weatherproof security cameras are perfectly modified to provide qualitative images under any weather conditions. Today, most outdoor CCTV cameras are equipped with a weatherproof cover or housing that protects your device from rain, wind and dirt and allows you to always keep it dry and clean.
These weatherproof covers are made of stainless steel or other solid materials, which ensures your device is protected properly. In this way, there are at least two main reasons why installing a weatherproof security camera is a great solution. First, you will ensure the proper work of your device during both hot summers and cold winters. With the help of housing or protective cover, you will not only keep your camera protected, as we have already said, but this will also impact the quality of its work and improve it. In addition, the cover and housing will also make your camera more durable and reduce wear and tear. That makes weatherproof CCTV cameras the best option for areas with changeable climates and with common adverse weather conditions.
weatherproof security camera
weatherproof security camera

What Is an IP Rating

When choosing a weatherproof CCTV camera, there might be a lot of aspects that need to be considered. One of the aspects like this is an IP rating. This indicator is responsible for the estimation of the device's ability to resist different weather conditions like wind, moisture and others. This rating consists of the abbreviation "IP" and the two-digit code. The first one determines the protective availability from dirt and other pieces that can get into the camera mechanism. The second one is responsible for showing how your camera can resist moisture in the form of water, snow and others. Some cameras also have a third code, which determines the device's tamper-proof ability. The rating range of the first indicator fluctuates in the range from 0 to 6, while the second one is from 0 to 8.
security camera surveillance video bullet
In this way, the weatherproof CCTV camera, which has an IP 68 rating, for example, is protected from all types of weather conditions. It is highly recommended to choose a camera with at least an IP 67 rating if you want to use it for external needs. That's the only way to know that your camera is properly protected from rain, sleet, dirt and wind. If you bought a camera with a lower IP rating, then you can easily use it indoors.
security camera surveillance video bullet

Summing up

The weatherproof CCTV camera is a great invention that can improve your property's security. However, as you can see, there are a lot of details to consider before purchasing one. So, if you need assistance choosing a device that will be the most suitable for you, or you need an installation service, then Sure Lock & Key will gladly help you! If you would like, call us and get our qualitative service straightaway!

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