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What Is A Hasp Lock

Probably, each of us has used or seen a hasp lock at least once in our lives, but only some would know what it’s called. How do I know if I use a hasp lock? A hasp is a flat metal plate with a loop through which the lock goes in. Basically, it is a metal plate with notches that fits over the hinge before the pin that closes the door is inserted into the hinge. However, there’s more to know about hasp locks. We’re happy to share our knowledge and experience with those who need them to understand how locks work, how to maintain them and, more importantly, how to use them correctly. So, let’s take a closer look at hasp locks, so next time you hear this name or see one of them, you won’t be surprised.

What is hasp used for

Hasps have been known for centuries. The Romans used them in the 1st century on chests. Modern hasp locks are made of sheet steel with a slot for fixing the staple, designed to attach a padlock. However, some of these types of locks use a built-in lock or a spring-loaded bolt. In this way, you may not need to use an additional padlock to close your door.
The purpose for using hasp locks may differ depending on the type of lock itself. So a hasp and a padlock are most often used for external buildings and gates. Also, the simplest hasp locks can be used for various chests and other storage items.
However, you may also purchase a more advanced hasp lock that, for example, uses different locking mechanisms or is made of higher-quality materials. In this way, a combination hasp lock can provide a higher level of security for your property and make your keyset lighter. Thus, the modern market can offer various types of hasp locks for any needs.
opened hasp lock
opened hasp lock

How do you install a door with hasps

Installing a hasp lock does not require significant involvement of tools and skills. However, if you need assistance, you can always count on Sure Lock & Key! We provide all types of residential and commercial locksmith services and are always happy to resolve your locksmith issues. However, if you still decide to install your hasp lock yourself, then you may need a tape measure, a level, a hammer and a screwdriver. Let’s start.
  • Use a tape measure to determine the point on a door where you want to install the lock.
  • Try the hasp latching arm and the hasp loop on the front of the door. Move the latch away from the hinge and make marks for the screws that must be drilled.
  • Attach the latch hinge to the door with screws using a screwdriver.
  • Make sure the hinge flap fits the swing arm in the open and closed positions. To do this, hold the hasp's swing arm in place. Make marks for the screw holes on the door.
  • Attach the swing arm to the door with screws.
  • Make sure the hasp swing arm closes over the loop smoothly.
  • Everything works? Congratulate yourself, you did a great job! If something is wrong, give us a call and we will quickly fix it.
closed hasp lock
closed hasp lock

How to pick a hasp lock

It’s hard to answer how to pick a hasp lock because different lock types might be involved. Hasp lock is more a system or method of locking a door than an actual type of lock. However, since hasps are usually installed with a padlock, we will look at how to pick this type of lock.
Lockpicking is one of the most desired skills people want to get. Most of us have tried to pick an old lock no one uses anymore at least once in our lives or thought about doing that. All those movies where people manage to open any door with a paperclip and a few moves make it even more deceptive. However, everything is much harder than it might seem. It’s almost impossible to pick a lock without damaging its internal mechanism if you have no skills and experience. Please, remember that only a professional locksmith can unlock your door safely with no consequences to your lock. We train a lot on special locks with transparent bodies where you can see what is going inside while you’re operating before we start picking our customers’ locks.
door with hasp lock
However, if you’re still very determined to try to pick your hasp lock and there’s a lock that can be sacrificed, let’s do it. To pick a padlock, you need several tools you likely have in your toolbox. The first is a screwdriver with a small tip that fits into the lock's slot. You can use an ordinary metal paper clip if you do not have the appropriate screwdriver. You may also need gloves and pliers if you are using paper clips. So, these are a few steps on how to pick the padlock easily:
  1. Insert the screwdriver's tip into the lock slot and reach into the lock barrel. If you cannot do this with a screwdriver, use a metal paper clip or a bobby pin.
  2. Shake the screwdriver or paper clip until you open the lock. For the lock to open, it is necessary to align the locking pins. To do this, insert and remove the screwdriver while turning the handle at different angles to align more pins.
  3. Continue to shake the lock until you hit all the tumblers, allowing you to open the lock. That may take some time. If you cannot open the lock, you may try to knock it out with a hammer. However, we do not recommend doing this if you are in public. Even if you’re the legal owner, questions might arise.
door with hasp lock

Summing up

Hasp locks perform their functions perfectly no matter where you install them. The system is time-tested and versatile. Although this type of lock does not provide the highest level of security, it remains quite popular in certain cases. If you need help choosing or installing a hasp lock, you may call Sure Lock & Key! We provide a wide range of residential services – from installing locks to changing keys. So give us a call, and we will solve any of your locksmithing questions.

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