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The Most Common Types of Commercial Locks

As a business owner, a break-in is probably the last thing you want to deal with. So, it’s always better to act ahead and provide your commercial building with the best security measures. Today, there are various security devices out on the market you can choose from. Many business owners use security systems with cameras, alarms and detectors. However, all these measures might not be as effective without a proper locking system. So, what type of lock is the best for a commercial building?

Sure Lock & Key knows everything about all kinds of locks and we’re ready to share our knowledge with you.

Mortise locks

One of the most widely used commercial locks is a mortise lock. Business owners choose it because of how strong and reliable it is. These locks are really durable and can withstand many cycles of opening and closing, which is really important for commercial buildings.
The main components of a mortise lock are a lock body, cylinder, spindle and strike plate. There might be some additional features as well that enhance the security of your mortise lock. This type of lock requires a pocket to be cut in the edge of the door for its lock case. Another advantage of these locks is that they’re strong enough to withstand forced entry.
Keep in mind that mortise locks require professional installation, so you’ll need to use commercial locksmith services.

Panic bars

Another important aspect of commercial building security is a fire safety plan. All commercial buildings have to be equipped with an exit door that people can use to escape in case of an emergency.
So, what is the best type of lock for an exit door? The lock is supposed to provide easy access. Most business owners purchase panic bars for their exit doors. This type of lock is keyless. To open it, you’ll only need to press the handle or push the bar. Panic bars are equipped with handles on the sides, so after you press them, the latch retracts.
A big advantage of this type of lock is that it can last for a really long time. However, it requires special maintenance. You wouldn’t want it to malfunction in case of an emergency.
panic bar for exit door
panic bar for exit door

Keypad door locks

If you own a big industrial building, equipping it with a mechanical lock might not be the best idea. Many people enter the building every day, so the lock will get worn out faster. Plus, it’s really hard to keep all the keys in order when you have many employees. That’s why more and more business owners choose keypad locks for their buildings.
With proper maintenance, they usually last longer than regular mechanical locks. This type of lock can increase your building's security, as you can control who can access it. You can grant access to certain people and restrict it to others. A digital keypad lock will allow you to track all the visitors. Some of these locks might be equipped with biometric identification as well.
keypad door lock
The only problem you might face with this lock is a power outage. So, it’s better to come up with a plan of action in case something like that happens.
keypad door lock

Electric strike locks

Another type of lock that is commonly used for commercial buildings is an electric strike lock. As you can guess from the name, this lock is equipped with an electric strike plate instead of the regular mechanical one. This type of lock is usually combined with other locks, like keypad ones or panic bars.
There are two types of electric strikes – fail-safe and fail-secure ones. The first type remains unlocked if the power goes off. The second type is the complete opposite. It remains locked if the power shuts off. A fail-safe lock is a great option for emergency exit doors and the fail-secure one offers higher security for your front door. So, before purchasing an electric strike lock, define which type suits your needs more.
Electric strike lock
Electric strike lock

Cylindrical lever locks

One of the most popular mechanical locks that are used for commercial purposes is a cylindrical lever lock. Their biggest benefit is their durability, which is essential for commercial buildings, considering the number of people that enter them. This type of lock is operated with a key or both keys and a push button. It consists of a cylinder, levers, latch and rose. This lock can be easily installed and it is really secure.

What is the difference between a standard key and a master key

After choosing the type of lock, you want to use, define the type of key system you prefer. You may choose between a standard key system and a master key one.
Probably, all of you are familiar with standard keys, as we all use them on a daily basis. However, not everyone is familiar with a master key system. It is widely used for commercial buildings equipped with mechanical locks. This system allows you to operate many locks with one key. It’s way more convenient than carrying a huge bundle of keys everywhere with you.

Summing up

If you’re a business owner, the security of your building should become one of your first priorities. One of the most important factors to consider is the type of lock you will use. We hope you find our little guide helpful and it’ll be easier to choose.
If you need any assistance with the installation, Sure Lock & Key will gladly perform this task for you.

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