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Methods for opening a door without a keyhole

Life is full of unexpected challenges, and dealing with a jammed lock or finding yourself in a lockout situation might be one of them. These issues are usually both frustrating and time-consuming, requiring quality assistance.

However, there are situations when professional services might be unavailable when we need them most. That's where the efficiency of alternative door-opening methods arises. Unlocking a door without a keyhole offers many advantages beyond mere practicality and provides a backup plan for accessing locked spaces swiftly and efficiently.

In this article, Sure Lock & Key will empower you with reliable techniques for unlocking doors without a keyhole to save the day, whether it's a misplaced key, malfunctioning lock, or emergency lockout.

Let's dive in!

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Understanding the differences between rim and mortise locks

Many people think a door is only strong if the locks are strong. This statement is partially correct. Choosing a reliable lock is just as important as equipping your house with a home security system, but the surface on which the lock is installed is no less important. Below, we'll look at mortise and rim locks, which have the same level of security but they still differ in many other aspects. The lock is the first obstacle for a burglar when breaking into your home, so it is essential to choose it responsibly. Please read about the features of these two types of locks in our blog post.