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How to make office filing cabinets more secure

A file cabinet is a convenient and efficient way to store important docks such as contracts, financial statements, identity documents, etc. You probably use them, but is it enough to prevent your documents from falling into the wrong hands or being damaged? This is the most suitable way to store papers, but not the safest one! Filling cabinets can also be vulnerable to theft, tampering, or fire damage. It doesn't necessarily mean you need to buy a safe to ensure that essential information is protected. Taking some easy steps to safeguard your ordinary file cabinet would be enough. So, in this article, Sure Lock & Key will explore key tips and strategies to make your filing cabinets safe and secure.

Change the manufacturer's lock

The manufacturer's lock is the first thing to pay attention to after purchasing office cabinets. Changing it is the easiest and wisest step to protect all the important information you intend to keep in your file cabinets. The factory locks are usually low-quality, can easily be picked, and are short-lasting.
The factory lock's next danger is the manufacturer providing only a few key combinations. It's highly likely that the key to your file cabinet also fits hundreds of others produced by the same manufacturer. Are you still sure your key is the only one to open your office cabinet?
office filing lock
If you have the necessary equipment and skills, you can replace locks on your own, but it might be challenging. However, if you need professional assistance in choosing the best and most affordable option and installing it, you may contact a professional locksmith to do this for you.
office filing lock

Keep filing cabinets in secure office areas

Now that the locks on your office cabinets are changed, it's time to take care of a secure area to keep them. This detail may seem completely unimportant, but it definitely makes sense if you're looking for wiser ways to protect your property.
The best places for a file cabin are parts of an office requiring special access to enter. Keeping files in a locked cabinet behind a locked door increase security twofold.
For more protection, you can find burglary-rated safes on the market. It means that a filling cabinet was designed to resist break-ins and even was tested by a testing laboratory.

Add a locking bar

Add-on locking bars are essential for filing cabinets to increase the safety of important files and documents. They're retrofit security devices made of thick steel and typically designed to fit into the existing locking mechanism. They usually are installed on the side of a file cabinet and can be locked with a padlock for higher security.
By installing add-on locking bars, you may limit access to only automatized personnel, reducing the risk of confidential information falling into the wrong hands.

Change lock periodically

A one-time replacement of the factory locks on your office cabinets may not be enough. No, we aren't trying to complicate your life; it's about providing you with all possible options for protection. It's important to change the lock of your file cabin periodically, considering the potential for employee turnover.
The next reason to do this is that keys can become worn or damaged over time, making it easier for someone to break the lock, pick it or gain unauthorized access. It also allows the locking mechanism to be upgraded to a more secure option, such as a keyless entry system or a biometric lock. So, it brings us to the next tip.

Switching to an electronic filing cabinet lock

We've already mentioned the alternative to ordinary locks – smart ones to avoid hassling with conventional locks and carrying a bunch of keys.
Electronic filing cabinet locks offer a higher level of security compared to traditional key systems. With an electronic lock, you can assign unique access codes to each user. That allows you to control who has access to the cabinets and when. It helps to prevent unauthorized access and keeps your confidential information safe.
electronic filing cabinet lock
Electronic filing cabinet locks are also cost-effective in the long run, as they require less maintenance and replacement than traditional lock and key systems.
So, switching to an electronic filing cabinet lock can provide multiple benefits for businesses and organizations, including improved security, increased efficiency, and cost savings.
electronic filing cabinet lock

Summing up

Many people are still sure their documents are secured if stored in a file cabinet. We hope our article shows that this is far from the truth. However, there're many easy steps to make it safer, among which you can always pick the best and most affordable. If the choosing process seems difficult or you have any questions, don't hesitate to call for commercial locksmith services. Sure Lock & Key is always ready to make you feel safe and secure anywhere you are!

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