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How to get a stuck key out of the lock

When talking about property security, keys and locks are those irreplaceable elements that play a huge role in making your house or business safe. However, due to frequent usage, door locks and keys may get worn out and start malfunctioning. One of the most common issues people ask locksmith companies to resolve is the keys that get stuck in door locks.

Although some people who face a problem like this try to fix it by themselves, we want to warn you that this can lead to even worse damage. An issue like this requires special skills and instruments to be fixed. Thus, calling a reputable locksmith company makes sense if your key gets stuck in the lock. If you still have not, then Sure Lock & Key may be a wise decision. Yet, let's look at the issue's reasons and the most efficient tips for extracting the stuck key without damage below.

Why do keys get stuck in a lock

You may wonder – "Why my key got stuck in the door lock?". Well, even if you maintain your keys and locks well, it cannot exclude the possibility of jamming or the key getting stuck. Even if you use proper care which, of course, will reduce the chance that this issue will occur, there are, never the less, plenty of other reasons why the key stuck in a lock. So, let's figure out how and why this happens.
  • Wrong key usage is one of the most common reasons for the key getting stuck in the lock. When you are in a rush, you can spontaneously take the incompatible key and put it in the lock. As the cuttings on the key and the bumps in the lock mechanism do not match, this most likely will lead to sticking.
  • Rusting locks can also be the cause of this malfunction. This happens because of rusty pins and tumblers, as they cannot move freely, resulting in the key jamming.
  • A loose plug is another common explanation for the key getting stuck. If your door lock is quite old, some parts may become loose and misaligned, which can also lead to key jamming.
broken key stucked in lock
Still, so that we do not leave you struggling with your key that got stuck in the lock, we have collected some useful tips on how to fix this issue.
broken key stucked in lock

Apply a lubricant

Using a lubricant is one of the best solutions to release your sticking key from the lock. To fix this issue, take a spray lubricant or any other petroleum-based lubricant and spray at the place where the key is inserted. We also recommend using the fast-dry lubricant to not get muddy and attract more dirt to the keyhole. Then try gently jiggling the key in the keyhole to distribute the lubricant on the locking mechanism. After that, if you notice that the key moves a little bit easier, try to neatly turn it in the keyhole or extract it. It is also very advisable to lubricate your door lock from time to time to prevent wear and tear, malfunctioning and key sticking.
lubricant for lock
lubricant for lock

Push the plug

You can also try to fix this issue by pushing the plug, especially if the key got stuck in the pin tumbler lock. To do this, insert the sticking key as far as possible and then gently turn it upward, specifically in the position it was in when you inserted it in the first place. Then push on the plug with your fingers so it doesn't shift, and pull the key back out of the door lock.

Use graphite powder

Another useful way to get the key out of the lock is to use graphite powder, which tends to be an even better item than a lubricant. That's because graphite powder does not leave any residue and does not attract dirt into the keyhole. Graphite powder increases the grip level and reduces friction inside the lock, which helps to extract the key. Just put some graphite powder into the keyhole and spread it by gently moving the key. Then try to turn the key slowly and neatly and extract it.

Summing up

A key getting stuck in a lock is a common issue that happens to almost all of us. That is why there are a lot of proven and efficient tips on how to fix this issue. However, it does not mean that you should deal with it by yourself and spend a lot of effort and time. You can always receive professional locksmith assistance with Sure Lock & Key! We offer all types of emergency locksmith services and will give you a hand anytime you need it! Afterall, this is what we do and we love what we do.

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