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5 common things everybody might forget to secure

Today, people try to make their property as secure as possible. Some search for information about alarm monitoring systems and CCTV cameras, others purchase safes for their assets and still others install high-security locks. All these things are good, but sometimes they may not be enough.

In trying to find the best ways to secure our assets, we may forget about securing important but not so obvious other things. To assist you in the process of finding these things in your house or office, Sure Lock & Key has created a list of them! Keep reading our short new blog post and find out what they are.

Important Documents and Cash

In the 21-st century, underestimating the importance of documents and cash might be a severe mistake. Birth certificates, social security cards, property and vehicle titles, bank documents and statements and many other items undoubtedly need to be safe. So, it may be a great idea to invest in a safe where you can place all of these things and have them safely stored. If you choose a safe with a high fire rating, all these documents will be protected not only from theft but from fire as well.

Backup Hard Devices

Having backups of our computers’ data is essential today. We all do it to prevent data loss because of computer damage, viruses, or other reasons. Storing your essential information on external devices like backup hard devices not only helps you make your data mobile but also saves you from losing all your information should something unexpected happen. The best way to protect these devices is a safe or lockbox (and undoubtedly, to increase security, you can also use data encryption).
money in a safe
money in a safe

Access codes and passwords

Do you have a method of remembering your passwords? Lots of people use notebooks or their phones to save their information. It may be quite a challenge to remember passwords to all our accounts, different codes, etc. To use only one password for all purposes might not be the best idea. That’s why you need something that will give you peace of mind and protect this information. You may go for password management software. You will need to remember only one password to access all the rest. Or you may set up a facial recognition system and forget about passwords all together.


All of us know that some of the jewelry we have needs to be protected in order to be kept secure. However, it might be hard to keep it in the bank. Every time you need some piece, you need to spend the time going there and taking it, and then going once again to return them. This is one more reason to buy a safe or safe box for jewelry. If you don’t want to save these assets with your cash and documents, you may even get a special small safe for jewelry. Actually, protecting the most precious things in different places may be an intelligent choice.

Outdoor Furniture

Taking care of your outdoor furniture is an important task. Direct sunlight, rain, extreme low temperatures and extreme high temperatures might produce a slow but devastating effect on your furniture. To protect it from the damage the weather can cause, you have to keep it somewhere safe and use it only when you need it. Of course, some materials are more durable than others, so you may have to consider which one works for you before you purchase. If you want to protect your patio furniture from theft, it may be wise to consider outdoor CCTV cameras and motion detector lights.

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Summing Up

Making your property and assets secure is about having a comprehensive strategy. There are some matters you may need to settle in the first place, such as reliable locks on your front and back doors. These are among the top priorities. However, if your locks are already the best and your home security system has been installed, etc., it may be the best time to take care of the smaller details that may be just as important.

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