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USA Burglary Statistics 2021

Many people choose to remain ignorant about Home burglary statistics, perhaps because it is distressing for them. As you probably know, security technologies improve daily but so do burglar break-in methods. In this article, we’ll discuss recent burglary statistics so that you’ll be wiser and more readily recognize whether you should take protective steps to be prepared for any eventuality.

We have been dealing with the consequences of break-ins again and again during our 35 years of experience in the locksmith and security industry. Usually, that upsetting experience is what makes people realize that their home security needs to be improved and updated. Let’s utilize the unfortunate statistics of burglaries to your advantage and find out how to secure your house and why making our private places secure is an important task.

Crime Trends in U.S. Cities

Over the past two years, crime rates in the USA have increased significantly. Violent crime rates rose by 30%, but the levels of robberies and property crimes have dropped by nearly 10% each. That situation was mostly due to COVID-19 regulations. Amid the rising murders, the decrease of home burglary rates is a small consolation, but unfortunately, we don’t know how long this trend will remain. It may stay on the same level or even continue to drop. However, it can also return to its pre-COVID level or even increase. It’s too soon to estimate these changes and it definitely isn’t possible to predict what the future may bring.
Naturally, we all would prefer to live in a world where everyone is safe, but we also need to be realistic. Constant vigilance, especially when it comes to your and your loved ones’ security, is always the educated choice and should be a top priority. Ensuring that your own environment is safe contributes to security in general. We believe that our mission as locksmiths is to securely protect as many homes as possible, and that is why we offer 24/7 professional security services. If your goal is to make your home a secure castle, then we’re on the same page.
burglar lock out safe
burglar lock out safe

Which city is the most criminal?

How can one “calculate” the level of crime in a city? We take into consideration different types of data. The most representative one is the number of crimes per capita. For example, Albuquerque, NM, Memphis, TN and St. Louis, MO, with more than 8000 crimes per 100 000 inhabitants, are among the most dangerous cities in the US. Another important indicator is the cost of crime which reflects the impact of different crimes and how communities pay for each of them. For example, St. Louis, MO, has the highest per-capita crime costs – $11,574 while in Virginia Beach, CA, the safest city in the US, it’s only $611. Increases in crime are always influenced by economic and demographic reasons and specific factors of the region. As a rule, cities that struggle with economic difficulties are at a higher risk of having a high crime level.
However, criminalization is often based on a compilation of different factors and sometimes, an economic crisis may not be determinative. Some of the highest crime rate cities came by their status unexpectedly. For example, some of the most visited cities in America – Chicago, IL, New Orleans, LA and Seattle, WA ranked among the cities with the most rapidly increasing crime cost. It can also be that the cities we consider dangerous are located near those we consider safe. The most representative of this are southern states, where crime levels vary significantly from county to county, while in western and north-western states, the level remains almost the same for the whole state. For example, Lee’s Summit, one of the safest American cities with a population above 100 000, is located in Missouri, not so far from St. Louis.
thief looking to break in house
We’re accustomed to thinking that the bigger the city, the higher the crime rate, which is mostly true. Unfortunately, due to the crisis caused by the pandemic, the crime level in small towns has also increased. More than 70% of American cities reported an increase in the costs of crime.
thief looking to break in house

Property crimes

What are property crimes? These are crimes involving private property. If someone broke into your house, that’s a private crime. If someone stole your car, that’s a private crime as well. Vandalism, larceny, shoplifting, etc., belong to that category too.
According to the official FBI statistics, property crime had been steadily decreasing until 2020. In 2015 there were almost 8000 property crimes. In 2019 this number dropped to almost 6000. In 2020 some regions reached the lowest property crime level since 1960. Unfortunately, it seems that in 2021 it started to pick up again, but it is still far from the level we had in 2015. The whole situation will only be stable in a few years. For now, the only thing we can do is to try to make our homes as secure and safe as possible. We also may need to broaden our definition of what “home” means. Perhaps it doesn’t end with just our yard or our house’s walls.

Summing up

A sense of security is one of the most basic needs we have. Only when we feel secure can we relax and allow ourselves to do what we love. Lacking security, everything changes. That’s why handling it by taking advantage of all the possible and accessible means is a wise choice. Sure Lock & Key is always ready and more than glad to give you a helping hand whether you need information or our services!

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