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Mercury Car Key Replacement

Have you ever dealt with car key replacement? Do you know how to do everything quickly and have a new key asap? Sure Lock & Key is here to provide you with the information you need to make this service as understandable as possible.

Car key on wood table

Keys for Mercury

Nowadays, car keys can be of different types and designs, but all of them have something in common. Unfortunately, every car key can break due to wear and tear or accidents. If accidents can’t be predicted, the only possible thing to make your Mercury key last longer is to use them properly. First of all, you need to store them correctly, far from places with high humidity levels. Also, you need to use them carefully. Please, don’t put lots of pressure on your key when inserting it in the ignition or the lock. If you happen to have a more technically advanced car key, you also should store it away from places with electric impulses because the damage they can cause is harder to define.

Mercury Car Key Replacement Services

Thanks to our experience, we know that car key replacement services are the most requested. A car key is a small divide easy to misplace. Moreover, they aren’t designed to last eternity especially if you use them improperly. That’s why these services are so popular. But no matter what has happened, you can get a new key, and here’s what you need to know.

Normally, car key replacement can go two ways. You can use your car dealership or call a locksmith. But the first method probably isn’t for you if you happen to have Mercury since they stopped producing cars in 2011. So, to call a locksmith is your solution. Moreover, it’s a quick and cheap solution, and Sure Lock & Key serves all the Mercury models, including Mercury Capri, Mercury Grand Marquis, Mercury Sable, etc.

Mercury Car Key Replacement Cost

Ordering services, a person wants to know how much it’s going to cost. But unfortunately, in the locksmith industry, some questions are hard to answer, and “how much does a replacement car key cost?” is one of them. The price depends on lots of factors, you can learn it by reading our previous blog post on how much does a locksmith cost. Here you can check out average prices for the most requested automotive locksmith services.

Car lockout


Car lock rekeying


Car lock replacement


Ignition rekeying


Regular car key


Transponder key making


Transponder key programming


New car key cutting


Car key copy


Hourly rate


Trip charge


Emergency trip charge


*The final price may be different. A more accurate price will be provided depending on the specifics of the requested service, hour, service area, emergency, and also on your car’s model and year.

Need more information about Mercury car key replacement cost? Give us a call and we will help you!

Emergency Services

An emergency can happen to anyone. And what is even worse you can’t predict them. But there’s a reliable way to solve everything quickly and efficiently regardless of time. Sure Lock & Key provides 24-hour emergency services to make you safe and comfortable.

hands of a woman handing over a set of car keys to a second woman

How to get a car key replacement

Please be prepared to provide Sure Lock & Key, car key replacement service assistants, with the following information:

locksmith gives a new car key

Make, model, and year of your car

Your exact location (street address and zip code)

VIN number of your car

Type of the key you need (transponder key or key fob)

Please be ready to provide proof of car ownership

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