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Is replacing a garage door worth it

Garage door replacement is a serious step for any homeowner. The service takes time and money and surely, there will be many decisions to make, starting with a new door color and design and finishing with whom you will choose for this task. However, if you have a company you can rely on, everything will be as painless as possible.

Many people choose to postpone replacement if the door still operates. The idea that if it has lasted for so many years, it will work a bit more may seem very persuasive. Some choose to keep their door because they think that the service itself is too much of a trouble. Because of that, the door may stay for an extremely long period of time, even though it clearly needs to be replaced. Each situation is individual, so it’s advisable to have a professional estimate everything and give you their verdict on whether or not it is worth replacing the door.

Let’s take a look at some cases when garage door replacement is a must and when you can wait till the right moment.

When should you replace your garage door

There are situations when avoiding your old garage door replacement might cause issues and be dangerous to you, your loved ones and your property. In some situations, time is of the essence, so let’s check when the replacement is the only hope.
  • When the door is damaged due to a car accident or extreme weather conditions, replacement usually is the only option. Also, if the door was in poor condition before the mishap, repair might not help. Damaged or disfigured garage door panels usually don’t allow the door to be closed properly. Leaving your garage door in that condition is certainly a very questionable option. Potential burglars and stray animals might easily find their way into your garage. This can happen even through small holes. While animals probably may be satisfied with the garage, burglars likely will go further and break into your house.
  • In many situations when the door is so old, you can’t find the needed details. These are the needed parts for the repair. This can bring the repair option into an absolute disaster. First of all, the experience of finding the needed part or parts can become a true nightmare. The problem is also, if you can track it down you never know it’s real condition and history. So, in the end if you do find it you have won the battle but in a short period of time you may find that you have lost the war. If you are going through this right now it is probably the time to start considering a replacement. This decision may very well give you peace of mind and save you a lot of time and frustration due to later repairs
two locksmiths replace garage door
  • Suppose you want to increase your house value and sell it later. Garage door replacement is one of the most popular renovating projects for increasing a house price.
  • Finally, if the door has been broken for a while, you may need to replace it. The more time you neglect your garage door issue, the more serious it gets.
two locksmiths replace garage door

Other factors you need to consider when replacing a garage door

If you face the case we described above, we have a few more details to consider before replacing your old garage door with a new one.
Remember that a garage door is a pricey investment in your house's aesthetics. Temporary decisions usually lead to more expenses and frustration. We understand that taking care of every detail and choosing the right color and material might be time-consuming and even annoying. However, that’s how you save time and money in the long run. In the future you won’t need to go over it again if you take your time and get the door that you really like.
Below we gathered things you will need to consider when replacing your garage door:
  • Choose the design and style that will work with your house’s appearance and that you will like. There are certain trends in the garage door industry, but if they aren’t suitable for your personal situation, it’s better to choose something traditional.
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  • The material. Depending on your budget and preferences, you may choose from aluminum, wooden and steel garage doors, which are the most common options.
  • Now that you get a new door, you can choose an insulated one to maintain a comfortable temperature when it’s cold or hot outside, while your utility bills won’t increase.
  • Security and safety are as important as your future garage door design. Make sure the door won’t be an easy target for burglars and will withstand harsh weather conditions.
new garage door
  • Last but not least, go for professional installation to avoid self-injuries and get the door installed correctly. DIY sometimes is very attractive, but garage door installation is a task that requires appropriate knowledge, skills and tools.
new garage door

Summing up

Garage door replacement is rarely a one-day task, especially if you need to estimate all pros and cons, think over the available options, and find someone trustworthy to get the job done. We hope at this point, you’re at least a bit closer to the answer to “Do I need to replace my garage door?”

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