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The truth is, you never know when a locksmith problem might arise. If it does occur, it can sometimes become quite stressful. Time becomes a priority, and one wants to solve the problem as quickly as possible and return to their regular life. So it would be a good idea to have a backup plan, which probably should include the services of a locksmith. Sure Lock & Key is always ready to help. We offer a full range of locksmith services in Killingworth, CT, including

    • Lock repair, replacement, and installation services, lock rekeying
    • All car key cutting and duplication*
    • Master key systems, broken key extraction
    • Mailbox lock rekey / change
    • Home, business, and car lockout services
    • Deadbolt installation
    • Jammed ignition repair
    • All car key transponder (re) programming and recoding
    • Safe & Vault lockout, combination set up, and change
    • New car key cutting

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A few words about Sure Lock & Key

Sure Lock & Key is a locksmith company founded by four brothers with more than three decades of experience. Today we operate coast to coast with our main offices in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Illinois, Florida, Texas, and Arizona. We are fortunate to be a nationally recognized company because of our unique operating methodology. It consists of three simple rules that perfectly cover all aspects of reliable service.
1. First of all, all team members are professional, highly qualified, and licensed.
2. Another thing about our work is that we are ready to solve your problems 24/7 throughout the year because sometimes broken locks or lost keys can't wait until business hours start at 9 am, to be fixed.
3. We believe affordable pricing is just as important as skills and knowledge, regardless of industry, so our pricing schedule is always fair and affordable

24-hour services in Killingworth, CT

When some locksmith problem arises, time can be critical, especially if it happens after hours. To get back on schedule, you need quick professional help. Sure Lock & Key is available to solve your lock problems, no matter the time. We offer you a full range of 24-hour locksmith services in Killingworth, CT, including

  • Repair/replacement/installation of all kinds of Residential locks
  • Key making, cutting, and duplication*
  • Lock Rekeying
  • House lockout
  • Broken key extraction
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Repair/replacement/installation of all kinds of Commercial locks
  • Mailbox lock rekey / change
  • Safe lockout
  • Jammed ignition repair
  • Car key extraction
  • 24/7 new car key cutting/programming
  • Car trunk lockout services

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locksmith services cost in Killingworth, CT

What is the most popular question every locksmith hears? With more than 35 years of experience, we guarantee you it's the question, "How much does it cost to get a locksmith?" The truth is an honest final price can not be given over the phone because, as any professional locksmith will explain, the variables involved are indeed many, hence an honest price can only be given after an examination is made. However, in order to have an idea of what a price should potentially be we want to share our starting prices for the most popular services. Please check them out below!

New Car Key

Car Key Programming

House Lock Change

House Lockout

Car Lockout

Hourly rate

Trip charge - residential

Trip charge - commercial

Emergency trip charge

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*The final price may be different. A more accurate price will be provided depending on the specifics of the requested service, hour, service area and emergency.


Feedback from our customers is our best source of improvement and inspiration. We appreciate and are proud of every testimonial from them. So if you are in the middle of your search and still unsure, please take your time and read what our customers think of us!



About Killingworth

Killingworth, in Middlesex County, is located in south-central Connecticut and includes Chatfield-Hollow State Park. Europeans established a plantation here in 1663, naming it Homonoskit after the Hammonasset people who inhabited the area. In 1703, the state General Assembly authorized the establishment of the town of Kenilworth, which eventually became known as Killingworth. Its original lands extended to the coast and included present-day Clinton until 1838. Historically, Killingworth was an agricultural community, but it is a rural residential area today. Among its famous residents is the infamous Abel Buell. This eighteenth-century forger and inventor engraved one of America's first maps and invented the first lapidary or gem-cutting machine.