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Frequently asked questions

There are some questions that our customers usually ask. Find answers to your questions here

I am locked out of my house. What should I do?

Don’t panic and call us. We will provide you an emergency house lockout service. Our technician will come as soon as possible and you will be home very fast.

Do you provide service for antique locks?

We can fix any type of lock. Since your lock is a matter of security it is a decision with serious consequences. Our qualified technician will review with you the various alternatives and then recommend the best and most financially feasible options. Affording you the ability of making the best and wisest decision available.

How fast can a technician get to my house?

We have available technicians 24/7. Also, we have an option to schedule an appointment at any convenient time for you or order emergency service. Sure Lock & Key has lots of mobile vans running all over the place.

We want to change the door in the commercial building. What will the process look like?

Our technician will quickly come to you, take all measurements necessary and provide you with a proper price quote. He will also consult with you regarding the different options including the types of doors available, the installation process, schedule, etc.

Do i need to understand the types of locks that are used at my office inorder to use your commercial services?

No. Our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable. They will make a quick and professional evaluation and, with your consent, fix the problem quickly and affordably.

Do you offer emergency locksmith services for offices?

Absolutely! Please get in touch with us to provide further details about your situation. Our emergency van will be dispatched to your office as soon as one of our technicians becomes available.

Do you provide Automotive Service For My Car Make And Model?

Our locksmiths work with all cars, years and models. Call us now to ensure.

How long does it take to unlock my car?

Your car door can be unlocked within 8 minutes but it always depends on the situation.

My key is stuck in the Ignition. What can I do? Is it Possible to extract the Key without damaging the Ignition?

Our high-qualified technicians can extract a key from the ignition without damage, if it is possible. In case if the key was damaged before, our technician can replace it.

Can you duplicate a key for BMW cars?

We can provide copies for the vast majority of cars. However, it depends on the year and model and the type of key. It's free to ask and we will provide you with a quick answer. Feel free to contact us, anytime.

If I ordered a new key fob, can you program it?

Sure, that’s exactly what we do.

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