New Milford


The native American tribe of Weantinock lived in the area later to become New Milford, where they had a farming and fishing culture, cultivated corn, squash, beans, and tobacco, and spoke Algonquian language.

In 1707, John Noble Sr and his eight-year-old daughter Sarah were the first European settlers into the area, having come from Westfield, Massachusetts. A public school was subsequently named after Sarah in later years. The Nobles were soon joined by other families who had bought land there, and on October 17, 1711, twelve families petitioned the Connecticut General Assembly to create their own town, along with the privilege of levying a tax to support a minister. That approval was given and the town was organized the following year. The residents secured the ecclesiastical services of Daniel Boardman to preach, and he was formally ordained in the Congregational Church on November 21, 1716.

Roger Sherman, who later served in the Continental Congress and went on to sign both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, resided in New Milford for a time before moving to New Haven.

During the Revolutionary War, the 7th Connecticut Regiment was raised in New Milford, and ultimately saw action in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, and Monmouth. In all, the town of New Milford sent a total of 285 men out of a population of 2, 776 to fight for the independence of the colonies; it is not recorded how many came back.

In 1954, author Alice Dalgliesh wrote a book, titled The Courage of Sarah Noble, about the story of how Sarah and her father, upon moving to the area, encountered the native tribes, and how the Nobles taught them things they needed to survive and ultimately converted them to Christianity, giving them new names, with Sarah becoming the first school teacher for the town.

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