The great city of Bridgeport has prospered and thrived since becoming the first incorporated borough in Connecticut in 1800; growing to become the largest city in the Constitution State, the fifth largest in New England, and with a current population of over 150, 000.

Interestingly, the now-standard eight-hour working day was advocated and won in Bridgeport back in 1915 when corset workers, all of them women, went on strike against their employer, the Warner Corset Company.  This protest spread to other neighboring industries and manufacturers such as factories, foundries, garment suppliers, and laundries, with a proper and manageable eight-hour working day being demanded and subsequently won… girl power indeed!

Hopefully, you won’t have to strike or strive in order to get the very best locksmith service for the locks on your home, business, or vehicle.  Your locks are an important part of maintaining the safety and security of that which is most valuable in your life, so it’s important that they’re kept in optimum working order all year round.  Unfortunately and inevitably, though, either through wear and tear over time and constant usage or through more immediate damage by whatever means, there will come a time where your locks will become damaged or broken, necessitating their repair or replacement by a qualified and expert locksmith asap.

This can be an inconvenient and frustrating state of affairs needing immediate resolution; you will need the immediate services of an experienced, expert locksmith who is prompt, professional, and proficient; who is available 24 hours a day; and who will deliver you the very highest standard of customer service and workmanship at the very lowest prices.

“Where can I find such a locksmith in Bridgeport, CT, near me?” you will rightly ask yourself.

This is where we at SURE LOCK & KEY are here to serve and provide assistance to you.

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“Does SURE LOCK & KEY provide the best locksmith services near me?”

We’re a professional 24-hour locksmith repair, replacement, and installation service founded by four brothers with over 35 years experience in the industry, a vision to provide the good folks of the great state of Connecticut with the very best locksmith service in the current marketplace, and operating on three core principles of great service, fair prices, and prompt response.

With such extensive experience, we know our business well… and we certainly know our customers well too!  The complete satisfaction of our valued customers is the single highest priority in everything we do.  We have an unwavering belief in treating each and every one of our valued customers with dignity, honor, and respect; to give them the highest standard of workmanship and customer service at the very lowest locksmith prices in Bridgeport, CT; to make them feel an integral part of the SURE LOCK & KEY family; and to deliver them the service they not only rightly expect but fully deserve.

In short, we deliver because we care.


It’s a point of principle with us here at SURE LOCK & KEY that each and every one of our beloved and valued customers’ experience with ourselves is a wholly positive one, to that end we offer the following benefits for our customers’ convenience;

  • 24/7 emergency locksmith services.
  • A promise that all phone calls to ourselves will be answered by a live expert operator.
  • No extra charge for evening appointments.
  • A proper 4-hour service call available.
  • A promise that you will receive an appointment the very same day you contact us; no waiting, no hassle, no nonsense.
  • A completely FREE no-obligation assessment and quote from our technician.
  •  The most affordable prices in the current marketplace.

“That sounds all well and good, but how do I know for certain that SURE LOCK & KEY is the best 24-hour locksmith near me?”

We employ only the most qualified, experienced, and expert technicians in the field, who, upon you contacting ourselves, will come to your location asap or at a mutually-convenient time of your choosing, will quickly and accurately assess your underlying locksmith issue(s), and should you decide to utilise our services, will then work tirelessly to resolve those issues both effectively and efficiently, delivering to you not only unrivalled expertise, unmatched workmanship, unsurpassed customer service, and unbeatable prices, but also complete satisfaction, peace of mind, and an assurance that with SURE LOCK & KEY, you’re in good hands, whatever your locksmith requirements may entail. 

As a full-service 24-hour professional locksmith company, we specialize in and offer a comprehensive range of services for any and all of your locksmith needs, including but not limited to;

  • Key cutting.
  • Key duplication.
  • Lock repair, replacement, and installation.
  • Master key maker.
  • Electronic key and fob reprogramming.
  • Vehicle lock and ignition repair.

… and much, much more (please see our Services pages for more details).

“Okay, I’m convinced, it definitely sounds like SURE LOCK & KEY is the best place to find a locksmith near me, what do I do now?”

Our legacy here at SURE LOCK & KEY is the countless valued customers who trust and rely upon ourselves time and again as their go-to locksmith service provider, to give them the very highest standards of 24-hour locksmith services in the current marketplace at the very lowest locksmith cost.

Won’t you join them…?

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Your complete satisfaction is our core value!

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